Black Ops II So Classified It Won't Run On Windows XP

You knew it was coming, XP users. Every operating system has to call it a day sooner or later, and 2012 - the year Windows 8 is released and DX11 becomes mainstream - looks like it's the end for perhaps Microsoft's best-loved gaming OS.

I say this now because Call of Duty: Black Ops II won't support the OS. If you're running Windows XP, the game won't run poorly, it won't run at all. Why? Here's the official word:

Since we upgraded the engine to use DirectX11, Windows XP is no longer supported. It requires Windows Vista or later.

So you'll need Vista SP2 or Windows 7. Or Windows 8, by the time this game is out.

Sure, Call of Duty isn't anywhere near as important on the PC as it is on consoles, but it's still the first major game this year to eschew support for Microsoft's 10 year-old OS. So others are sure to follow in its wake as their own DX11 support tightens up.

The rest of the game's PC specs are as follows:

OS: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 8750 2.4 GHz

Memory: 2GB for 32-bit OS or 4GB for 64-bit OS

Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800GT 512 MB or ATI Radeon HD 3870 512 MB

PC Specs [Black Ops II]


    i find it strange that game devs even list vista, like its something people even have.

      ... you do realise winXP is the second most used OS after win7

      ... you do realise winXP is the second most used OS after win7

      Win7 is built on the Vista kernel, it stands to reason it will run on it. It just won't run *well*.

    This seems unusual. I was under the impression that consoles could only run dx9. Have they made the pc port different to consoles?

      Only the 360 uses DirectX at all. The other consoles run stuff like OpenGL.

        You are wrong there, Direct X is Microsoft's own version of Silicon Software's OpenGL thats runs on only their products, which includes windows, which is what it was made for.OpenGL is opensource so it runs on many devices as well as MS products. I cant say DirectX is more advanced tho its probably is, but everything you see done in Modeling packages like Maya, is all opengl, and that is some advanced CGI techniques there.

      360 can run dx9, PS3 uses specialised version of OpenGL. Its fairly trivial to compile a title with both dx9 and dx11 support

      That's exactly what I was thinking, obviously the main platform is X360 which is DX9. So either they're requiring DX11 for some fancy new features (unlikely), don't want to use 2 sets of executable and supporting files or just couldn't be bothered providing support to XP which I guess is understandable.

        If anything, I recon it could be because they want the practice for the next lot of consoles; but yeah, could be a number of reasons a developer would do that at this point in time.

      The Xbox runs it's own custom version of DirectX, it's fairly similar to DX9 in a lot of way's however it's closer to DX10 in what is becoming the most important way (Unified Shader Architecture).

    10 years, god it doesn't feel that long ago.

    Another big game series moving on from the old DX9, very good news :)

    "Sure, Call of Duty isn’t anywhere near as important on the PC as it is on consoles..."

    If I had read 8-9 years ago, I would of laughed quite hard. Times change, I guess. :)
    I used love some CoD MP over a 56k modem with an awesome 250+ ping. :P

      Yeah it's crazy - Call of Duty used to be the shit!

      I remember the when they wanted to change cod to a console exclusive

    And then James fell into the well, which caused me to laugh at him.

    Does this mean it wont be able to be classified in Australia? I seem to remember a while ago on Kotaku that in order for a PC game to be classified, the ratings board had to be able to run it on their XP machine...

    I'm pretty sure Sleeping Dogs also doesn't work on XP?

      Nor does Just Cause 2 and there's a few other games I own that won't run on XP =P

    When I first got Age of Empires III it stated it wouldn't run on Windows 2000, took 5 minutes to work around and have it running great.

      The difference here, it won't work due to lack of DX11 support on XP.

    non-compatible XP games are nothing new, this one gets attention because it's COD *roll eyes*

    Would'nt have anything to do with windows 8 coming out soon?. Pressure from MS to compile a slighter higher REQ build. And the thought of lots of PC cod players looking to update to a OS that works.

    Breaking News: Popular franchise videogame will not be supported on the Xbox or PS2.

    "black ops" sounds like a title for a interracial gay porno

    Who the hell uses Windows XP for high end games?

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