Borderlands 2 Is Actually A Turn-Based RPG, And Other Completely Incorrect Facts

YouTuber and insane person BlackLightAttack has a knack for completely and intentionally misinterpreting games to silly results. His latest mutilation: Borderlands 2.

For my favourite line, skip ahead a little bit.

60 Second Let's Play: Borderlands 2 [BlackLightAttack]


    As much as i love the game i cant play it anymore, i've basically lost 30 game hours, my badass rank has been reset to 0, i've lost all skins and customizations, and passive stats.
    Which means i've lost all rare quest and badass versions never to be seen again. and i can no longer get the max stat upgrades cos half of my badass challanges have been completed,

    and until teh games patched im worried it wil happen again, many complains on the gearbox forums for it across all platforms, which is a pity cos i was loving the sh*t outta the game.

      Out of curiosity, golden loot chest key hax?

        Nope, I only had the 3 i started with, now i only have 1.

          Did you play local co-op split screen at all?

            Nope, playing on PC.
            looks like the global save template has corrupted itself, problem with this is no one seems to know whats causing the corruption.

      TBH, its not as bad as you would think... its stuiped easy to do most of them. I think if you are not playing cos you lost a few stats, then your missing out on the game.

        Not a few stats, half of my primary stats, across all characters, which i cant get back.
        which makes the rest of teh game extremely hard, my HP has permantly dropped by 20-30% and my damage by 10-15%.
        The game is built around loot plus the badass stats, my luck with loot hasnt been so good so i've sorta been relying on the stats received from farming the badass stats.

    "For my favourite line, skip ahead a little bit." in a 60 second clip... Are people's attention spans that bad?

      It's a spoiler free way of telling us her favourite line

    That was great. Watched 6 more in a row.

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