Borderlands 2 Really Does Boast An Impressive Array Of PC Settings

The PC version of the first Borderlands was not considered a particularly good port, by any measure. Developer Gearbox took the feedback to heart, and promised PC players an improved experience for Borderlands 2.

So did they deliver? It certainly seems so. British gaming commentator TotalBiscuit has created the video above, which takes an exhaustive look at the many settings that PC users can tweak to their hearts' delight.

For more about the elements of the game that aren't PC settings, have a look at the review.


    It's funny, Gearbox getting praise for including Pc options that were standard 10 years ago

      And Gearbox are going above and beyond for something that isn't standard now... You could say they're trying to bring back standards to PC gaming.

    For the love of god, they had better have included eyefinity support this time! But then again it's probably wishful thinking..

    NM watched the video and it has FXAA.

      I'm surprised you'd be happy with FXAA if AA is so important to you Steve. May as well just smear vasoline over your screen.

        there is AA, but u add it via ini tweaking: tweak guide

          That's a Borderlands 1 thread from 2009 also the 'ini' tweak as described by said thread is to download a third party app in order to force your video card drivers to do the work. Its UE3 so your options are post process filters like FXAA which blur or increasing internal resolution and downsampling ala SGSSAA which can be very expensive GPU wise.

    WOW. the most recent shit PC port was darksiders 2. just watching the options available and it really does seem like they listened.

    Gearbox should prompt the Black Mesa team to create an Opposing Force remake... And Gearbox should let a retarded monkey create a Duke Nukem remake that doesn't suck. Just kidding, I love the Gears'....

      There is an Opposing Force source engine remake (Operation: Black Mesa) and also a Blue Shift remake (Guard Duty) already in the works by other teams...

    Good to see the PC gamers getting a decent port for once. And kudos to Gearbox for trying to bring back PC standards. Those pics of the 5760x1080 widescreen make me want to pick up a PC copy in addition to my 360 copy, except I doubt my 7770 would be able to AA those jaggies.

    "Field of view".
    Bless you, Gearbox. *cries*

    No ingame anti-aliasing and you guys think they did a good job.
    Yeah go have fun with FXAA..

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