Brain Kissing, Giant Bugs, And More Excitement From Tokyo Game Show's Third Day

And Kotaku's Tokyo Game Show coverage continues! Here's the day three round up, with all the news, impressions, and fun in one place.

If you missed the previous festivities, Kotaku has you covered: Day 1 and Day 2.

The First Guy in Line Didn't Come to Play Games

Meet Keita Wada. The 24 year-old was the first person in line for the first public day of this year's Tokyo Game Show.

You'd think he would be the hardest of the hardcore gaming fans. More »

Over 70% of the Games at the Tokyo Game Show Are For Phones And Tablets

There has been a lot of news coming from the Tokyo Game Show this year. We've heard about Metal Gear and Phoenix Wright and a host of other games for and from Sony and Nintendo, as we have come to expect.

And yet the console and handheld games that so many of us are fans of make up just a tiny... More »

I Kissed A Girl With My Brain... The Results Weren't So Good

Find out if you really like each other by testing your brain waves. That's what the Brain Kiss app tests to see.

By wearing a brain wave scanner and looking into each other's eyes for 15 seconds, you can get the results of how you really feel about the person you're looking at in 5 levels of... More »

Different Takes on Final Fantasy

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix is showcasing how various illustrators and manga artists envision Final Fantasy. The result is a different spin on the Final Fantasy games and characters you know and love. More »

From Mass Effect to Metal Gear, This is a Symphony in Plastic

Square Enix doesn't just make video games. It also makes figures. And it doesn't only make Final Fantasy figures, it makes figures from numerous other games. More »

Here's Some of the World's Best Cosplayers (Live and In Person!)

Tonight at the Tokyo Game Show, some of the best cosplayers in Japan-and around the world-gathered for Cosplayers' Cure Night.

It wasn't a competition or a contest to see who put on the best outfit (or the best show), but rather, a gathering of cosplayers-and members of More »

The Line into the Tokyo Game Show is Hours Long

The Tokyo Game Show has lines-long lines for almost every game. But what about the line to enter the show, just how long is that line? Before the show began Saturday morning, it wrapped around the entire convention centre and was six to seven people wide. More »

Earth defence Force 4 Is Big Fun with Big Enemies and Big Guns

I've always liked Earth defence Force-or rather, the idea of Earth defence Force. I love running around Japanese cities, shooting giant insects. More »

Tales of Xillia 2 Plays Exactly Like the First Game (And That Isn't a Bad Thing)

Today at the Tokyo Game Show, Kotaku spent some time with the newest game in the Tales series, Tales of Xillia 2. It looks, plays, and feels like the first Tales of Xillia-and this is in no way a bad thing.

The demo begins by letting you choose to party with one of two different groups made... More »

Project X Zone Puts the "Cross" Back in Crossover

Project X Zone is the mega-crossover game from Capcom, Namco-Bandai, and Sega starring a staggering list of characters-ranging from Street Fighter to Devil May Cry, Tekken to Tales of Vesperia, and Space Channel 5 to Valkyria Chronicles 3 (among many others). More »

It's Like Inception, But with Cosplay Photos

One of the highlights every year for Tokyo Game Show is the cosplay and cosplay events, and this year is no different. During the day, before the evening events, cosplayers pose and show off their costumes for the public to see and take photos of, and Kotaku photographers were on the scene for some... More »

Come for the Games, Stay for the Macross Concert

Today Namco-Bandai held a Macross 30th Anniversary event at their booth in the Tokyo Game Show. During the event they talked about upcoming Macross projects like Macross the Musiculture (a Macross-themed stage musical debuting this fall in Japan) and showed the first non-teaser trailer for the new... More »

Expect The Wii U Version of Dragon Quest X Next Spring... Maybe... Hopefully

At Tokyo Game Show 2012, Square Enix held an event with special guests, Yuuji Horii, the creator of the Dragon Quest series, and producer Yousuke Saitou to showcase the Wii U version of Dragon Quest X.

During the stage event, Horii was asked when the release date for the Wii U version of the game... More »

Men. In Fancy Consoles and Fancy Costumes.

Today, the cosplayers came out in full force at the Tokyo Game Show. There weren't just female cosplayers. There were dudes, too.

Here are the some of the male cosplayers of this year's Tokyo Game Show, fancy outfits and all. More »

Giant Robots and Giant Insects Look Even Cooler in LEGO

In Earth defence Force, you save the globe by blowing up huge bugs and big robots, which lay waste to Japanese urban environments.

At the game's Tokyo Game Show booth, LEGO master builder Yoshikazu Saitou has recreated Earth defence Force in brick form. More »


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