Brilliant Cosplay Drags Batman: Arkham City Straight Off Your TV Screen


    Isn't there a Kotaku feature that compiles cosplay collections so we don't have an exclusive post each time Plunkett blows his wad?

    But then how would Luke meet his article quotas?

      Easy, sometimes he posts under his alter ego, Tina Amini...

        Luke, Brian and Tina are not the same person. They just share the same IQ points. 98 of them - split three ways.

          hahahah I lol'd at the possibilities... a communistic brain... a hive brain... a total derp hive brain...

    I totally thought this was a thing about cosplayers in drag.

    What's sticky and cuts and pastes? Plunketts hand.

      What's sticky, cuts and pastes?
      Plunketts hand.

        No cuts and pastes is a well known term. Thus perhaps - What's sticky and 'cuts and pastes'? You have failed. Whilst I do prefer your refining of the delivery by making the observation more obtuse - this comes at the expense of both modern grammar and anal retention.

          Oh you are just precious

    Your revision is asking for three qualifiers for the mystery subject whereas mine is looking for merely two. Divorcing the subject

    Hi guys,

    Quite the fan club discussion you've had going here the last few days! Note though that I don't actually see your comments on the US site, so if anyone actually wants to ask a question about the site or have a chat about something, you're going to have to email.

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