Building One Of World Of Warcraft's Finest Rides, One Plastic Piece At A Time

The Mega Bloks World of Warcraft line has been unleashed, bringing tiny plastic versions of Azeroth's iconic people, places and Deathwings to toy stores across the country. I have one such Azerothian playset in my possession, and you get to watch me put it together, piece by piece.

To the zeppelin!

My Lego-loving brethren are already to tear up my VIP card at the mere mention of Mega Bloks, but I firmly believe there is room on this big old ball of dirt for more than one line of construction toys. The two lines really have two very different goals. Lego wants to give folks playsets that look like things made out of Lego bricks. Mega Blocks wants to connect pieces in a very Lego way, but ultimately the finished product looks more like a normal toy than a collection of bricks.

So while the more fanatical Lego fans ignore that entire paragraph and run off to their brick vault to build a bigger and better Goblin Zeppelin, I'm going to build this one. It's quite purple.

Weighing in at 310 pieces and running $59.99 at ThinkGeek, the Goblin Zeppelin Ambush comes complete with a ballista, a Worgen Rogue, a Tauren Paladin and a Goblin airship captain, ready to launch cannonballs at that ridiculous furball.

This is a very Mega Blok playset, as evidenced by the large, zeppelin-shaped pieces you'll see in the video below. The vast majority of the airship's bulk is in the three-piece hull and two piece airship shell. The rest is just details. Take a look.

...but it certainly captures a moment in World of Warcraft that's near and dear to my Hordie heart. I don't have to wait for the Zeppelin anymore. I've got one right here.

Check out the official Mega Bloks World of Warcraft website to see the full line in marketing product shot form.


    I would be buying all of these if they were Lego. But alas they are the vastly inferior knock off...*shuddders* Mega Bloks..

    I do not understand how they have been able to get the bigger name franchise rights. Halo, Transformers and now World of Warcraft. How have they done it? Are they willing to pay a ton of money and almost make a loss for the right to sell the stuff or a Lego just stupid?

    Im not trying to flame here. I really would like to know.

    Megablock is crap. There isnt a debate on this. I bought some Halo megablocks recently. Its just rubbish, it doesnt fit properly, simple as that. Going this way, Blizzard is basically taking a big dumb on their fans.

    I never bought any mega bloks set. Wow mega bloks lich king was the 1st construction toy I bought since I was never a big fan. However, I played a wow so I bought this.

    I like the build. It felt smooth. Didn't have any problem regarding keeping the bloks together described by some of the commenters.

    for the lego die hard fans. I can't understand them just like I can't understand those who sworn by toyota and nothing else... weird bunch of people.

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