Can You Tell The Difference Between Wii Mario And Wii U Mario?

One of these screenshots is from New Super Mario Bros. U. The other is for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Can you tell which is which?

Click to enlarge.

Try these too:

How about these?

And finally...

The Wii U image is the first shot in all the comparisons. What you can't appreciate at this size and resolution is that the Wii U images are made to appear in high definition; the Wii images don't. And the games are different in other ways. The Wii U game has special score-attack modes and lots of special Yoshis. It also has an elaborate overworld map reminiscent of Super Mario World.

Shall we compare them in action?

Wii U.



    Wait... The WIiU one is only two players..?

      No it's up to 5 players. 4 as playable characters, and 1 who can be a jerk and add obstacles via the tablet.

        I would love being that jerk...then I would get bored of being an ass and would just try and help

          Somehow, I can't see kids using it to work together. Just sounds like a trolling device.

            Considering the Wii's NSMB was 50/50 with helping/trolling, I think it'll work well :D

              Me and few friends found that for the perfect NSMB Wii team, you should have 2 decent players, one jerk, and one person who has no idea how to play.

    Graphically they look pretty similar. But I'm betting the ones with the smaller numbers belong to Wii U, as they're HD and can handle a smaller size font.

      I should've watched the video, I'm obviously wrong about that :P

    The Wii-U version is shinier... Other then that nothing is different

    Aside from the screenshots all being put down to the same size and undergoing JPEG compression, you can tell quite easily which are the Wii and which are the Wii U screens.

    The most telling factor is the jaggedness in the Wii screens, easily seen on the trees on the world map, on the platforms of the sky-level screenshot and on the ice chunks in the ice screenshots.
    Another strong factor is the shading, there is much more shading going on everywhere in the Wii U version.
    Background detail and sharpness are also pretty noticeable.

    The one on the right (left?) costs $550 more?

    There is hardly a difference. Its like the Arkhum Asylum port to Wii U, the Wii U versions doesnt look better then the ps3 and 360 versions.

    Nintendo Arent that great, they just release a sixth generation console(Wii) in the seventh generation then a seventh generationconsole(Wii U) in the eighth.

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