Check Out Clips From The Entire Halo 4 Soundtrack Right Now

Thanks to the magic of iTunes, Halo fans can now get a substantial taste of Neil Davidge's music for the upcoming Halo 4. The soundtrack has been listed for preorder on the British store, and you can listen to short samples of each of the 15 tracks.

I've been looking forward to hearing the soundtrack for quite some time. Earlier this year, I had a nice long conversation with Davidge about the challenges and process behind taking over a series as iconic as Halo, given that Marty O'Donnell's scores for the first games have become so iconic.

The samples make it clear that Davidge is bringing his own energy to the series, but that's a good thing - dig how he's blending some wild electronic sounds with that gigantic orchestra. Microsoft is really throwing down the cash for this game, huh? You just can't simulate the sound of a big-ass orchestra playing in a grand studio. This is going to be one big-sounding game!

I'm looking forward to hearing the whole thing, and more importantly, to hearing how it works with the game itself. And of course, to seeing if any of my my amazingly accurate soundtrack-based predictions about the game's story are actually accurate.

Halo 4 Original Soundtrack [British iTunes via Nubuwo]


    no classic halo riff? :(

      I think something so iconic should be in there, even if it is updated or tweaked.

        No classic Halo riff, but I think (and this is subjective) "To Galaxy" references it heavily. At least from the little snippert there.

    New game, new music. It still sounds incredible!

    This sounds really really good!

    Loved the "117" sample. This will do just fine, thanks.

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