Check Out Torchlight II's Awesome Hidden Tribute To Minecraft

It's really been a couple of weeks for hidden easter eggs in games. First we've got Borderlands 2, which managed to hide something in what feels like every single room, and now there's Torchlight II.

The third act of Torchlight II is so big that I have a feeling people are just scratching the surface of what's hidden there. But surely this is one of the best secrets — watch here as YouTuber iobuffa discovers a wonderful Minecraft easter egg, and reacts appropriately.

[Torchlight 2] The Secret Minecraft Easter Egg - World's First!? [iobuffa on YouTube]


    Shoulda posted a video that wasn't made by a full retard.

      annoying as hell... i would love if it wasnt worlds first....

        He gave himself a slow-clap. Some people do not deserve nice things.

    Is this video recorded by the Double Rainbow guy by any chance?

    I'm really loving torchlight 2 - great Mythos vibe too, especially in co-op.

    Anyway, it's a cool easter egg. I found it myself at the weekend but got a Diamond Sword.

    love the game but this video is really annoying

    Did this guy actually have any justification for believing it to be some kind of world's first?
    Are we keeping track of who finds cute references to other games first these days?

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