Chin Stabbing? Okay, This Is Messed Up And Wonderful.

Gakuen Handsome, an adventure game aimed at Japanese females, is headed to smartphones. Oh goody, because the game is friggin' bonkers.

It seems like your typical Boys' Love game, with the main character transferring to an elite all boys school. It is anything but typical.

Gakuen Handsome features dudes with very sharp chins — chins so sharp that in one infamous event scene, the character Mitsurugi Sakuya stabs another boy. WITH THIS CHIN.

Sharp chins are an anime trope, sure, but Gakuen Handsome takes that iconography to a whole new — darkly humorous — level.

Team YokkyuFuman, the folks behind Gakuen Handsome, is in on the gag, churning out one of the most amazing Boys' Love games ever.

If you are keen to know more, website GoldenSneer has a wonderful look at Gakuen Handsome. It's worth checking out.

Gakuen Handsome for Mobage, the smartphone version of the PC game, hits Japanese mobile phones this week — because, "previous boys forever", right? Only if they have stabby-stabby chins.

衝撃のBLゲーム『学園ハンサム』が特別ストーリーを追加してMobageに登場! [Value Press!]

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    I imagine there's probably a rivalry going on between these guys and the pointy nosed Escaflowne cast.

    Umm WTF?!
    I love senseless gore, killing and blood but that's just silly >_>

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