Chinese Developer Straight-Up Rips Off Facebook Game

Chinese Developer Straight-Up Rips Off Facebook Game

We’ve seen Chinese and Vietnamese “developers” flat out copy successful Flash games, and steal visual assets from titles like Torchlight before. Now they’ve taken it upon themselves to rip off an actually good Facebook game, Woodland Heroes, a real-time strategy game made by alums of the studio that makes Madden NFL.

Worst part? The copycats know they can get away with it. “We really have no leg to stand on to pursue them,” said one designer from Row Sham Bow, the game’s creator. “Major bummer, yet sort of flattering?”

Probably not coincidental that this happened right after Row Sham Bow partnered with China-based Perfect World to create a new game. Not that Perfect World has anything to do with it, but it probably put Woodland Heroes on the radar out there.


    • The Chinese Government won’t do anything because a) They don’t care, b) foreign jurisdiction and c) China has very warped laws regarding intellectual property. For the most part, they don’t recognise IP so it’s almost impossible to prosecute. It’s nothing new, go to any flea market and look at all the unlicensed, obviously fake stuff from KIRF iPhones to fake Pokemon cards.

  • Why ARE they immune to any form of prosecution? It’s like The pirate bay, you can say ‘We’re in a different country, we have different laws!’ all you want, but eventually that argument fails and you have a giant court trial.

    • Because the Chinese government doesn’t care. Think of how much money gets poured into thatccountry from selling shoddy copies of other people’s products. Why would they want to kill that golden goose? One day in the distant future, somebody somewhere in China will actually make a good, original product. U.S. companies will then line up to make copies of it and when the Chinese government starts beating about it, the rest of the world will just laugh in their face.

  • Because China hasn’t signed the International IP agreement, so they can do whatever the hell they want. Something I learned at uni has come in handy!

  • Funny how China steals IP left right and center but the moment they think some of their IP has been stolen it’s an outrage and they demand compensation.

    Remember when MIB3 came out and some Chinese company claimed they invented mono-wheel bikes?

    I heard a Rumor some Chinese company essentially copied the Iphone4s looks and called it EYEphone5 and are trying to sue Apple over stealing their name and design.

    • The outrage is mostly just due to rampant nationalism and it’s very comforting for them to believe that some dirt-poor Chinese farmer had his precious invention stolen by the big, faceless, greedy American colonial studio. Even the fact that mono-wheel bikes were invented decades before the Chinese and MIB3, won’t change their opinion… it’s like all those ignorant people who ‘hate Japan’ while watching anime. It’s tribalism at its worst.

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