'Christopher Walken' Shows You How To Steal Horses And Make Money In Skyrim

I wish I could explain why Christopher Walken's unique cadence makes listening to him so enjoyable. Instead, I fill my days watching YouTube videos of imitators applying the actor's voice to all manner of vision — in this case a tutorial on unlocking the "Golden Touch" achievement in Bethesda's Skyrim.

I can imagine the real Walken playing a dual-wielding petty thief, though surely by the time he reached Riften he'd have figured out picking the pockets is a poor way to make cash. It's OK, he tries his hand at stealing horses instead, though that, predictably, does not turn out as planned.

This video is part of a series, cleverly called "Christopher Walkenthroughs", a bunch of which can be viewed on the appropriate YouTube channel.




    'sif you'd watch videos of imitators when you can watch the real Walken.

    This was great, I went through and watched them all. The Minecraft one was pretty good too.

    I learned this trick in first few days when I started playing Skyrim . How?? Coz I bought a awesome Leveling Guide that covers everything lol. Here is the review:

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