ChrisWarcraft's Weekly NFL Quest, Level 3: Banish The Gold Farmers Of The West

Haven't you heard? Football is a role-playing game. Or at least, that's how Chris Kluwe, the Minnesota Vikings punter and noted World of Warcraft and RPG fan, seems to be approaching it.

Each week in the NFL, ChrisWarcraft characterises his upcoming game in terms of an MMO quest. We're going to chart his progress and see how fast he levels up.

This week's quest:

Last week:

Result: QUEST FAILED (Indianapolis 23, Minnesota 20. The Colts landed a critical hit right as the counter reset. Kluwe: 4 punts, average 48 yards, long of 55, two inside the 20.)

ChrisWarcraft has completed one quest and failed one so far.


    Result: Quest Completed, 49ers were given a big wake up call as the Vikings bounced back from the loss against Luck and Co.

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