Community Kudos

Community Kudos

It is Friday and the nom cup spilleth over. ‘Tis time for Community Kudos my brethren.

Last week I had to bail super early to go and watch wrestling (and interview The Miz) so I missed out on a few late noms. Sorry about that folks. Today I am in the office till the bitter, bitter end, so I’ll hopefully manage to get everyone’s in!

Lamboman007 dropped some late noms, so I thought I’d bust them out this week because I’m cool like that. The noms were for Aleph-Null, Masha, Pez, Freyr, Rocketman and Batgirl — for providing him with solid support.

Hey, where’s my nom for writing you that badass reference?

Oh, and Trjn also got a nom for hosting a meat. How did it go?

This may be a first — Scree actually managed to contain her nommage into one email. That girl, she has so much nom love to give. It’s a beautiful thing. Her nominations were for Beavwa and Blaghman, for helping her retrieve some files. There was also a nomination for Tigerion for sorting her out with a pattern — for cosplay I’m assuming? Anyway, good show gents.

My favourite nom of the week comes from Strange…

Dear Sir Serrels,

I am typing to you today to nominate somebody for Kudosity.
I wish to nominate HermesAndThoth for being pretty. No, wait…that other thing. What was it? Oh yeah, because he needs a hug.

Congratulations to HermesAndThoth for being pretty!

Oh, and I got an email from Chuloopa, which made me happy, because I’d missed that little scamp!

I’m back, in pog form!
That’s right! Now’s a better time than ever to hit me with flat bits of plastic!!

I have noms. Good noms.

1. Greenius.
I know how much you love .gif’s – and this one is AMAZING.
So upon talking about some huntsman problems, I suggested offering the little(big) guy some tea and making friends.
Greenius, always keen to 1-up me suggested some cocaine – then linked this.

2. Shane
Shane CONTINUALLY goes on with his Dark Souls stories, and they are always awesome. He is not only talented, but bloody persistant. He also finished his latest instalment with “and then i found ten souls”. Literary GENIUS!
Also he suggested that Walking Canes are great fro striking children with! Who’da thunk it!

Good to hear from you Loops!

Like I said, the nom cup, it spilleth over. So many noms this week — and intricate noms. The kind of noms I’ve had to read, and mull over, whilst swirling a glass of red and stroking my imaginary beard.

It was almost a goddamn relief when Shiggy dropped a typical humdinger.

I kudos Cakesmith for having such a good fro.

I anti-kudos babies for their lack of beards.

Never change Shiggy. Never change.

Bloody Hell Greenius. That guy loves his fonts. I get an email from him and it says in the most massive font ever


But Greenius specifically nommed AlexPants and Powalen. It seems as if these three have put together some sort of Comic through the 3DS? I’m a little confused on the details because I haven’t seen it yet! I need to check this out.

Greenius also suggested a really cool competition idea which I will be totally stealing at some point in the future! Muahahaha!

I loved Lamboman’s nom for Rocketman…

Noms for this week are Rocketman for being an awesome guy as usual. Seriously, he should change his name to Rocket “Heart of Gold” Man or something. Always there with an encouraging word when people are feeling down.

Are we talking about the same Rocketman that keeps trolling me on Twitter and spelling ‘hate’ wrong? (He spells it ‘hat’)

There was also a nom for Strange in there.

Also, UberMegaSuperNoms to Strange for her support this week and just being there for me to talk to 🙂

That is a serious nom right there.

Okay, time for a nom break. Let’s have some… Curtis Mayfield. Love that guy.

Longest email of the week definitely goes to Blaghman. I watched this guy eat some pretty convincing fake brains for Doc What’s Zombie movie. So really I think he is the one that deserves Kudos.

He nominated…

Alex Pants — for being ‘handsome’.

D.C — for being helpful.

And everyone involved in the Zombie movie! Yeah! That includes me. Wrap it up guys — I’ve already won!

I’ll also post the intro to Blaghman’s email, because it made me laugh.

It’s that time of the whenever-I-remember again, where I send you emails filled with padding, and you find the six most useful words, boil them, mash them, and stick them in the stew known as Community Kudos.

I should make that next week’s intro.

And Blaghman himself got a nom from Welbot! Hurray! The nom was for being a Karaoke King — MOAR INFO PLEASE WELBOT! Also, it seems like Blaghman referred someone to Welbot for his biiiizzzznesssss. Cool stuff.

How cool is Greenius (when he’s not bombarding my inbox with massive fonts!)

Rambling Nom for this week:

So when it comes to weekends, sometimes I just shut myself inside, play some games and don’t think about work or anything else.
No twitter, no TAY, no TS. Last weekend was one of those weekends.

So Greenius, he takes it upon himself to get to me directly in case I’m not watching the twitters, to tell me to get onto steam and buy the Borderlands 2 Season Pass right now while it’s $16 (instead of the horrendous Australia Tax price it’s at now).

I believe he was on a bit of a roll that weekend and leading into this week, so I might be one in a chain of several people that he’s helped.



Good call Beavwa!

Virus nommed Trjn for hosting a pretty slick sounding board game night (awesome idea — did you guys play Catan? I WOULD SO CRUSH YOU ALL AT CATAN) and Freeze for hooking him up with a swish new monitor.

Phew, almost done. This is the most noms I’ve received in ages…

Matthew K, that last bastion of reason, had the good sense to nom Welbot, Pez, Aleph and Lamboman for helping him mourn the loss of his PC, and even offering some good advice while they were at it. I love how you guys all provide tech support for one another!

We had some noms from D.C. — for Smurfydog for helping NovaCascade move closer to a job, and for Splicer, for being helpful as always.

I got an email from HermesandThoth. He is very pretty.


I am sorry for being late. I hereby declare my nominations for the week ending 7/9/12.

The doctors and nurses of Calvary Wakefield hospital for looking inside my body with a camera – they read Kotaku!
(note: they don’t read Kotaku but imagine if they won Kudos! CAN YOU IMAGINE MERK?)
Plus D.C who’s always around and is a good guy.
Lady Stronge for hugs.
And ermahgerd Grernius coz he’s all about Birry Tarent.

I don’t know why I always talk like a fool in these things. Hope I made the cut.
Love me tender.

I think it’s probably worth mentioning that Hermes wrote a really good thing about Far Cry 2 today. You should read it.

Alright, I think that’s about it! It’s already 5.35pm and I need to be getting home.

Have a good one guys and girls! And congrats to Greenius! Who wins this week’s Community Kudos!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I’m am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven’t forgotten, I’m totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

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