Community Review: Borderlands 2

So Borderlands 2? How have you guys and girls been going so far? Has it lived up to your expectations?

I actually had my first Borderlands 2 experience over the weekend, but it was in far from ideal circumstances. I took part in RawDLC's Borderlands 2 marathon for charity and my shift was roughly half way through the event, meaning that I jumped into the game roughly 75% of the way through and I had no idea what was going on.

But still, I had fun. I had literally no understanding of the underlying RPG mechanics, or how the trading system worked all I did was follow the other players and shoot stuff. That is literally all I did. But yeah... I enjoyed it.

I think there seems to be something fundamentally interesting about the core of Borderlands 2. It's clearly created by a team that understands how to make the simple act of firing a gun a rewarding thing to do. That's key, obviously, and probably one of the main reasons why the game feels so compulsive.

The whole thing did feel a bit empty to me, which I totally put down to my complete lack of understanding. I'm actually now really looking forward to playing it properly, in my own time, and actually learning the intricacies of the game. But the fact I kind of enjoyed just shooting stuff is quite significant, because I haven't enjoyed that in a game for a long, long time.

Alright, your turn!


    I am in love with this game.

    I had some issues on the first day where I was disappointed with the graphics on 360. I sit very close to a 27" PC monitor and at 720p the game looks average and less than I had expected from a game that was released in 2012...

    But that aside, I have looked completely past is and LOVE it. I am thinking about playing while not playing and can't want to get home and play again. This is the type of game that gets you playing with friends on your friends list that you hardly speak to, it gets parties formed and gets people working together.

    I am going with a gunzerker atm and have a shotgun and grenage set up that is unstoppable..

    Best moment so far was when playing with Batguy and we reached a boss fight. Batguy got ready for a fight by getting a rifle out and taking cover. I proceeded to equip and DUAL WIELD 2 Rocket launchers (1500 and 2600 damage respectively) and gunzerked these bad boys. By the time Batguy was ready for the fight, it was over and he literally didn't even get to see the boss... SO GOOD!

    So yeah, was always going to be a day 1 purchase but I love it and look forward to multiple play throughs with a wide variety of friends. I love co-op games so much more than competitive MP so this is a perfect mix for me.

      I'm a 39 Siren and already found a 32000 damage rocket launcher I would love to see the endgame rocket launchers damage I expect something ludicrous.

        now you made me wanna level up quicker!!! can't wait to run two of them!

          Just be sure to slag the target first ;) for ultimate beat down.

      dosent have a open feel as the first did also would perfer more backpack upgrades to hold more loot and not to mention more elements come on slag its good but not good enough some guns look dope with slag but was inpexted beter there were some nice new things overall still good/.

    I've been playing Torchlight 2. It's really good, nothing like the first Borderlands at all.

      Haha, same. Still waiting for Borderlands 2 in the mail. I completed Torchlight 2 last night, first playthrough normal difficulty. Not a bad game but there are a lot of things that could be improved. Playing it made me notice some of the things that Diablo 3 did really well.

        I think Torchlight II is a fantastic game but all this looting is detrimental to my productivity.

          Torchlight II is fantastic, but after about 15 minutes my eyes glaze over and I have a sort of loot Gruen transfer

    I love it. Definitely worth the money put down, I've put 24 hours in already.

    There are a few issues with the menus, but thats just normal release stuff. The story is excellent, and I must admit I teared up a few times.

    Playing as Axton at the moment, but I cant' wait to try Salvador and get some Gunzerking going.

    Main character only at about 24, but 2 others at 10-15, jumping in and out of online games is ok, but playing with mates (even if they are loot whores) is much better.
    However dont get stuck using the slots, i've pumped like half a mill into the slots, best thing i've gotten from it is enough eridium to buy most of my upgrades.

    games great tho, love the humour in the story, hpeever to get most of teh story i've had to play single player, even playing with mates yoru so worried they will take all teh good loot that you skip story or dialogue to get to the chest, or the vending machine.

    I don't own it (I am sorely tempted, though) but a quick little run through my cousin's copy and I am impressed. A genuine improvement over the first in every way possible. Story's.. a story, as I felt the first Borderlands was kinda lacking, the locations look better, the layouts are better, etc.

    Loving Borderlands 2, massive improvement over the first and the first was great also. Anyone noticed that the gore has been toned down compared to the first...
    Sniper rifle ain't popping off heads with blood gushes and so on. Any one else noticed that they have toned it down a bit or is it just me...?

    Question - my gf and I have been playin split screen Borderlands 1. Its good, but the menu's are completely borked. Really hard to navigate as they aren't scaled. Have they fixed this in the sequel - if they haven't I'll get the PC version and play alone.

      Ha! This is one of my major gripes, and no, it has not been fixed, it almost appears like a Borderlands trademark now

        I just can't understand it. The split screen is great otherwise, but in a loot driven game you really need to be able to see the menu's!

      The menus are a lot better with a controller I expect. Still horrible to work with mouse & keyboard though.

      I also noticed how borederlands1 is more open than 2 its still a great game

    My experience so far (Tranquil Sniper lvl 26): For the sake of the story (aka RPG), play the game solo, friends are a#$holes that take the best gear while you are watching cut scenes or buying/selling stuff. They wonder off in different directions and NEVER wait ;) It is good fun to explore Pandora on your own.
    For the sake of the FPS. Co-op rules!
    Just my 2 cents

    Great fun for the couple of hours I squeezed in over the weekend. Weapons feel great and the quests are fun so far. Only issue is that it's a bit tough to compare weapons compared to something like Diablo 3.

    Really enjoying it. Defiantly a step up from the first one. Only been doing solo so far will have to have a go at co-op.

    This is the first game I'd ever pre-ordered and god is it fun. Despite some difficulty spikes that make playing solo damned near impossible and the never ending creepiness of seeing npc's without their textures when you enter an area on the xbox version, I've really had fun levelling my sniper wielding assassin to the point where I can make a midget explode with a well placed shot ... it's kind of cathartic. Seriously though, a tip of the hat to Randy Pitchford and all the people who worked on this game for making me forget my loathing of traditional fetch questy gameplay with their funny one liners and oooh so many guns

    I honestly don't know how to feel about Borderlands sometimes. I love playing through the game with a mate because there is a sense of urgency, of 'kill everything and find cool guns', but it isn't a very deep experience. The storyline, when I am in multi, has been pretty much ignored and we simply bounce from quest to quest killing things. The heart of the game is similar to Torchlight 2 - kill, loot, level in that cyclical manner. It's not world changing or anything though and even though you jumped in half way through Mark, it does often feel like an empty experience.....

    .....until you find another awesome gun and want to keep playing for just another 15 minutes.... 30 minutes.... hour.... three hours.... damn it. It's 4am.

      Pretty much this.. when I played for a couple of hours with some Steam friends, I basically experienced exactly that.. bouncing from mission to mission, killing, looting and killing some more. The Torchlight 2 analogy is quite accurate.

      However when you go back to single player, which I have my main character for, it's a whole different experience.. take your time, explore the areas, do side missions and other challenges and so on. I much prefer the game solo than I do multiplayer.

    Am I only the one who really enjoys Borderlands solo?

      Nope, im enjoying Solo play, like i mentioned above co-op is great, but my mates just run off ignore story and whore all teh loot.
      Im enjoyingthe easter eggs, the NPC dialogue and the overall story, man handsome jack and tiny tina have got to be the best characters in a game i've seen in years.

      Nope. Game is definitely good solo as well.

      Nope. I am enjoying it solo but would like to see what co-op is like.

    After reading a few previews of this game I was getting worried that it was too geared towards co-op for me who prefers to play solo. 15hrs in Im absolutely loving it and having no troubles.

      This was also my concern. I like co-op, but find it too frantic because loot is shared. I prefer to play through on my own first and drop into co-op whenever I get the chance.

      My brother and I have agreed to keep a character each specifically for co-op together with each of us solo'ing with another character.

    I picked this game up on Thursday and took it home for a 3-day weekend, having booked leave on Friday.

    Between 8pm Thursday night and 1am this morning, I think my wife and I played about 36 co-op hours. My wife has also played about 10 hours herself, while I was preoccupied with other things. In fact, she continued playing it after I went to bed last night and was only just going to bed when I got up for work at 6am.

    So in conclusion, it's pretty good. And it actually has a story, which is nice. My wife hates that they took away the siren's Phasewalk ability, but I think she's grown to love Phaselock. I feel like the Assassin's Deception ability is limited given that turning invisible doesn't stop you getting messed up by AOE attacks, but once you build some abilities onto it it's pretty awesome.

    I plan to roll Gunzerker on my next playthrough.

    Absolutely love this game. It's taken what was good about the first game and improved upon most of its flaws. I don't know whether it's just me or not, but the combat seems a bit more difficult in the second one. Either way, my girlfriend and I are enjoying co-op (even though we had to use Hamachi to actually get it to idea why the in-game connection kept on timing out) and absolutely love all the pop culture references everywhere. The story is more compelling, the locations are a lot more varied and the interactions with NPCs is much more interesting than the first. All in all, it's an awesome game.

    Been playing it with friends and having an absolute blast. I like that it's retained that absolutely chaotic feel with everyone shooting at you and things exploding everywhere and other guys meleeing you and being able to combine your action abilities and guys evolving to badass rank and it's all like "Pew pew." and "Argh. I am ded." and "Quick, I'm down." and stuff. I'm playing a melee Assassin and having great fun running around stabbing people, especially those that are phase-locked by our siren.

    We all still suck at driving though.

    I beat it yesterday and it's fricken amazing! Definitely my GOTY so far (it was previously Trials: Evolution or Journey).

    I really liked the original but I wasn't necessarily super hyped for this game. I didn't watch or read much about it and I went into it 'blind' and I was pleasantly surprised. This is everything a sequel should be. It improves on so many aspects of the first and it's really hard to find anything it does worse and really, the only thing I can think of is the inability to re-hear audio logs as I've had them cut off on me multiple times.

    I like that it actually has a pretty decent story this time around. I like how I actually cared about the old gang and NPCs even though they didn't really do much. Seeing them return bought a smile on my face (and made me wish I could play them again!). So many new and varied locations, enemies and guns... SO MANY AWESOME GUNS. Kudos to Gearbox for making mundane fetch quests a lot more fun through the witty and awesome dialogue.

    I played most of the original solo (none of my friends had the game or were too high levelled) but once I tried out co-op the game was infinitely better. So I went into BL2 keen to play co-op almost constantly but I was met with really bad connection problems. I've been straight up unable to join a majority of my friends but I have been able to connect to only 2 others. Although I had co-op in mind the game was a blast in solo and once again I beat most of it by myself but didn't really feel like I was missing out on much.

    There's a deal going around for BL2 on PC for $17 (and the season pass for $10) but it does look a bit dodgy (although I hear it's fine). I can post a link later but I won't bother unless I can get confirmation from a friend that it works fine. I wouldn't want to share it otherwise :).


      Yeah the Audio Logs getting cut off is annoying. Was pissed when the first one i picked up played for about half a second then Clap trap yelled at me and it shut off.

    My biggest issue with True Vault Hunter Mode online co-op is noone is willing to be the designated slagger so battles last twice as long as they should.

    Hi all, just wondering for those of you with the PS3 version, can you play split screen co-op and online at the same time? i.e. 3 players on 2 systems? Google says its cool for xbox360 but havent found anything for ps3. I twittered gearbox hoping to get an answer but all I got was tumbleweeds.

      Yep', Split-screen online works, and rocks... Best of all, you can choose between horizontal or vertical split this time around!

    Playing as Axton but strangely enough, using the Sniper Rifle as a main and a grenade launcher assault rifle as my secondary. That turret is a bloody life saver, the time when I killed and then a bunch of bandits came out and swarmed me, the turret plastered a bunch of them and let me get away.

      Yeah he's great! I had a bit of regret after picking him over a class that would probably suit my playstyle more (Zer0 or Salvador) but he's grown on me, especially now that I have 2 turrets :D. I love how they taken out weapon proficiency so it's easier to experiment and just use another weapon type.

    playing Solo on PC. Running at 1440p, the graphics are quite incredible with perfect framerates and no spikes. With physX turned onto high the effects become amazing. It looks like the PC version is superior for once.

    I use Salvadore and at level 20 something but I am gettign bored with him. Want to try out Zer0 next - I use a lot of snipers. The game is fairly easy though, the only deaths seem to be frustrating. Damn barrels. bosses are fun though!

    Played a lot of this on Saturday, and honestly, I feel like they tried to go too far in two separate directions. The inventory system is a perfect example: I think they want you to keep swapping guns throughout the game, never sticking to any single loadout for long - the problem being that the inventory system itself is clunky as hell. It feels like they made a special effort to make an inventory system harder to use than Skyrim's - that has to be on purpose, right? They create an inventory system that has low capacity to encourage people to stick to small loadouts, but make it so unintuitive that they clearly intend you to stick to 4 weapons at a time. What's the point of a loot-based game, if you're that severly limited in what you can carry?

    I'm having the same problems as I was in BL1 with ammo pickup - getting loot behind ammo you're already full on is a pain, due to the huge hit-boxes (maybe I'm missing something - I've seen vids where players grab all loot/ammo on the screen that they can fit, does anyone know how to do that?). Not to mention the sparse ammo and sudden difficulty spikes... Whose idea was it to give a mini-boss a rocket launcher that can one-shot you? And suicide enemies that chase you long after everyone else has given up?

    Every time I play it, it feels like it should be played in coop - single-player is balanced for coop, and enemy respawns mean you pretty much need to slog through hoping to find more ammo - going back will just mean fighting through the level once or twice more. I wouldn't mind if it felt fair, but every death felt cheap, like the game expected me to have eyes in the back of my head. It reminds me a lot of Diablo 3, in the way that multiplayer is affecting single-player in the extreme...

    I wanted to like it, but it's oscillating so madly between awesome and frustrating that I have no idea what to think anymore... which is why I went back to Skyrim on Sunday. I might try a different character later in the week, but it takes so long just to get enough levels to form an opinion that I might not bother just yet.

      Hold down the loot button to loot all ammo at once.

        Thanks. Might give it another try tonight, I suppose...

      I haven't had a problem with running out of ammo. I think it helps if you have 3 or 4 different types of guns.

        I do, but only have 3 active slots unlocked (no idea why they decided not to unlock all four immediately). Swapping weapons is a pain, tho, and I've only found a couple that do any significant damage. Current loadout (as of Saturday night) was an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle, with a pistol and rocket launcher in reserve, but still consistently ran out of ammo. Doesn't help that the only decent weapons I've found use between two and four rounds per shot (my shotgun has ammo capacity 7 and empties in two shots, but pretty much minces anything in front of me).

      To be honest os42 I think you are just being a bitch.

        Well, thankyou for your opinion, I'll take it into consideration. ;) To be honest, my last game time ended with the section in Overlook setting up the fast travel station, so I suppose I was a little bitter - as Zero, with little ammo, I had enough trouble staying alive, let alone worrying about the blasted beacon.

        I tried playing it again, last night, with the added knowledge (which, as far as I can tell, is not covered in the tutorial or the manual), and I'm enjoying it a bit more. It's still oscillalting wildly, but now that I've swapped out my 4x-ammo-consuming guns, I'm at least not running out of ammo any where near as frequently. The inventory system is still a PITA, tho, and I stand by my opinion that they tried to go too far in both directions (RPG and FPS) and ended up doing neither very well.

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