Community Review: Borderlands 2

So Borderlands 2? How have you guys and girls been going so far? Has it lived up to your expectations?

I actually had my first Borderlands 2 experience over the weekend, but it was in far from ideal circumstances. I took part in RawDLC's Borderlands 2 marathon for charity and my shift was roughly half way through the event, meaning that I jumped into the game roughly 75% of the way through and I had no idea what was going on.

But still, I had fun. I had literally no understanding of the underlying RPG mechanics, or how the trading system worked all I did was follow the other players and shoot stuff. That is literally all I did. But yeah... I enjoyed it.

I think there seems to be something fundamentally interesting about the core of Borderlands 2. It's clearly created by a team that understands how to make the simple act of firing a gun a rewarding thing to do. That's key, obviously, and probably one of the main reasons why the game feels so compulsive.

The whole thing did feel a bit empty to me, which I totally put down to my complete lack of understanding. I'm actually now really looking forward to playing it properly, in my own time, and actually learning the intricacies of the game. But the fact I kind of enjoyed just shooting stuff is quite significant, because I haven't enjoyed that in a game for a long, long time.

Alright, your turn!


    I'm really enjoying it, it's a great game. Not a disappointing sequel at all, it feels just like the old borderlands but different, and it's awesome.

    My biggest complaint?

    WHY DID YOU NOT MARK THE GOLDEN KEY CHEST MORE OBVIOUSLY! I just looted it like any other chest, without thinking and when I realized, I was like .... Oh god why.

      Don't feel to bad, most people will open at 50 and than a dlc will release and increase the level cap and make anything gotten from it redundant

        At max level the items wont be as good as your drops, they are base level purples at most, not even top tier gear.

      A lot of people accidentally looted it like this as well (I know I did... TWICE). Luckily I somehow had 3 Golden Keys so I'm saving one until I reach the cap.

      I assume you got one by pre-ordering, but you can get another by accessing "EXTRAS" from the main menu and going to Gearbox Shift and then signing up. I'm not sure where my third key came from but I heard you can get one for having a 'premium' version of the game. But I bought the standard Steam one so not sure about that but I do have the Season Pass so it might be from that.

    I wasn't expecting much from this title. I bought it anyway. What a pleasant surprise. Perfect escapism!

    I want Borderlands to be more linear because I hate these games today being more freedom and sandbox gameplay.

    I've been playing Black Mesa. I may be poor, but I'm not without some awesome crowbar action :)

      that was a joke, haha, fat chance

    Let me just add to the pile of reasons this game is great - the writing and acting is phenomenal. Really funny, really surprising, really sharp, and it tells the story beautifully as well. Such a huge amount of writing is required for a game like this and it all seems to maintain the same high level of quality and vision.

    I'd say this is one of the very good reasons to play through this solo if you haven't already.

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