Community Review: Darksiders II

The original Darksiders was a bit of a sleeper. One of those games that promised one thing, but delivered something altogether more interesting and satisfying. Darksiders II will most likely never be able to provide that same shock or surprise, but it can still be a well made video game, right?

It's taken us a while to put together a Community Review for Darksiders II, but that's probably a good thing considering how long the original game took to finish — it'll be good to get all of your impressions now the game has been given enough time to settle.

So what are your thoughts? Does it match up to the original, does it surpass the original? What are your thoughts on the new, additional levelling mechanics?

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    Definately surpasses the first in shear size and scale - and the RPG and loot elements are very deep.
    I beg to differ with the comment "Darksiders II will most likely never be able to provide that same shock or surprise" have you played this one Mark? - there is many shocks and surprise to be had.

    But there are soooooo many glitches - this game is broked - and the ETA for patches for our market are ASAP - one such glitch I ran into has stopped progression in the Dungeon "The Scar" and made it impossible to platinum with out restarting.

      I have this downloaded on steam already to go but just have not had time yet.

      The thing thats been putting me off is that by the end of the first game, I was finding the puzzles and combat really tedious.

      Has this been addressed? If not, increasing the scale will only exacerbate the problem.

        The puzzles get fairly difficult in the last couple of dungeons - one of the portal puzzles had me stumped for about half an hour - but the combat is still kind of frustrating. Overall it plays a lot better than the first one. It's also more loot focused so a bit more RPG in it than the first one.

          Yeah - my big problem with the puzzles in the first game was that they were bloody easy, but a real pain in the ass to implement. I prefer the other way around: you faff around for half an hour, have an 'aha' moment, and then 5 seconds later your onto the next puzzle.

      Unfortunetly the Darksiders franchise has been riddled with bugs. I loved number 1, enjoyed it heaps, but twice now that I've attempted to finish the game, i got this Mask of Shadows bug which broke the save game and couldn't continue.

      This is what has stopped me from getting number 2 straight away, their lack of devotion to fixing things is slow, shame really, great game.

    The game had its fair share of good and bad, I really liked the combat and environments but as mentioned above the glitches ruined it. I actually had one happen to me on PC where it was a progression blocker and I had to start from scratch, really frustrating.

    Assuming those are being ironed out though it was quite a fun game albeit hollow-feeling sometimes, and I wish your horse was damn faster!

    I bought this and Sleeping Dogs for the 360 on the same day. Right as I finished Sleeping Dogs my PC died so I had to share console time with my wife since she couledn't play Minecraft/CiV anymore, which meant I got no console time. :P

    Now we've got our PC hooked up to the TV which means my wife gets to play Minecraft from the couch while also tying up the PC instead of just the Xbox, which means I get to play Super Hexagon on my phone - at least until she complains about the music, at which point I decide to take a nap, only to get yelled at because we're not "spending time together".

    So no, I haven't had time for Darksiders 2. I really want to check it out but... circumstances prohibit.

      Tragic. I also have the PC and console on one TV, and I note the numer of days I've had to reluctantly place the mouse/controller back on the shelf in order to share the TV with the missus.

      And then we end up laughing at Embarrasing Bodies, so it's kind of a win anyway!

        If my wife only wanted to watch TV, that wouldn't stop me playing FTL or Walking Dead. :(

    As a certified lover of the first one, (found it by accident and loved it, specially the end scene) I've been waiting anxiously for DS2 to arrive. Overall the game is quite a solid outing. As a previous poster said, it was never going to get the same shock and suprise as the first but (apart from the apparent glitches, woot for playing on 360) have found it quite a polished effort from a storywise point of view. Vigil have done the well to fill out the original story/universe but also move it along (till the next chapter).

    The first half of the game is especially rich with beautifully designed worlds, characters and some great voice acting but the second half lacks a little and feels like their was some content missing right at the end.

    The extra RPG elements have definitely added to the design and not detracted from the arcadey/action fight system. I found myself wanting a few of War's move (like dash climbing) from DS1 the more i played it as Death felt like a variation of War but over time and getting a few extra moves I was breezing through Normal.

    My one issue is that apart form the massive collectathon this game is (if you want to 100% it) is that it is quite linear. I guess that would be the drawback with being more focused on story telling. Didn't really have any moments where I was stuck on puzzles (unlike the portal ones in DS1)

    Ultimately though its a great action adventure with a great story line. I'd say do yourself a favour and play through DS1 first and lap up the story and it'll make DS2 even better

    Once I finished on Normal I went straight in to New Game+ on Apocalyptic. That's something I can almost never do with games. I'm also itching to dust off my copy of the first game to replay that. I love the mythology this game and its prequel attempts to set up. It's also kinda nice to see that angels aren't whiny little goody-goody b!tches :)

    Love the combat and exploration but after all the effort it takes to get to the Tree, it seems to rush from place to place afterwards like it was meant to be a much longer game. Also would it kill this game to be able to customize pauldrons, gloves, boots etc? I love messing about with customizing scythes and hammers and claws etc. but I want this expanded a little more, relying on random loot to optimise my build is a little frustrating.

    Still trying to go from 1-100 in the Crucible in one sitting though, some of those fights in the are ridiculous (waves 69 and 70!!).

      Yeah i laughed when realised people are making builds to get through crucible im working my way through new game + to get achnidas claws as they are supposedly op for cruicible.

      Completely agree with the 2nd half fading a little, still great thoug. 2nd last boss I found to be the hardest and was an interesting fight, sadly more so than the final boss.

    I finished DS2 probably 3 days after release and while I enjoyed it, a lot of the flaws people have found with it were completely founded, and I am talking about the gameplay aspects rather than the bugs/glitches etc.
    What made the first game fun was that the puzzles, combat, upgrades, treasure hunting and so on were condensed into a tidy package. The goal system was structured in such a way that you knew when you had completed a section. The major flaw I found with DS2 is that the game dragged, in all aspects, all the time. Part of that was due to the size of the maps. The pacing of the story is disjointed, sometimes charges forward, others takes ages to make any sort of progress. The money you generate is largely irrelevant.

    The game itself is still fun, the puzzles can be tricky at times (though not frustratingly so) and the combat is solid though somewhat stale in variety. I think that the largest problem really is in the scale of the game, it has this epic overworld type appearance but not enough content to fill it adequately, it also has this fractal design to it's goal system and adheres religiously to "the rule of 3". Collect me 3 of these, kill me 3 of these, unlock 3 of these (but one lock requires you to kill 3 of these first, and in order to kill one of those 3 things you need to collect three of something else) and when all is said and done...

    The last boss is a pussy bitch that is easy to kill and then you die and immediately come back to life at the end of the first darksiders to round off the story and while I reckon that it was an interesting play from a story point of view, it didn't have the same impact that the "Not alone..." line at the end of the first game did though it did at least explain exactly what happened at the end of the first game a little better

    So, dungeons are great, the hidden bosses are kinda cool, Combat is solid and the abilities/items you get are interesting enough. There's just too much in between. It is like watching a weekly release anime over the course of a year, there's lots of great stuff most of the time but there is filler every 4th episode that is boring as shit and does nothing to further the story.

    I was really enjoying DS1 until I ran into a progress-halting bug. Even though I'm kind of interested in DS2 I won't pick it up until I've finished DS1, and I won't finish DS1 because I'm not going to start it again from the beginning.

    I'm really enjoying it at the moment.
    My one complaint at the moment is that I missed a chest and can't go back and get it. It sits there, mocking me, on the dungeon map...

    The gameplay is vastly improved, the character of Death is cool. Yet, I get quite bored by big empty worlds with two types of enemy, repetitive quests to collect three of something and find myself wishing I was playing back in the apocalypse and its aftermath rather than screwing around in the world of overgrown carebears.

    yeah loving the game, its annoying how you have to use health potions so often, luckiliy for arachidn's claws you regen pretty fast, pretty annoyed as well at how slow the horse is as well as the wall climbing, also thee glitch when you are in samuels dungeon and you go back in time, by the 2nd portal i keep glitching and have to reset my console...-.- otherwise epic game, SO FAR

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