'Consumers No Longer Want To Pay $40 For Nintendo Games.'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Consumers no longer want to pay $US40 for Nintendo games." — T. Scott Edwards, PlayMG Corp Founding Partner, talking about why their MG Android-based portable is a better gaming value than the Nintendo 3DS.

STAT | Eight — Number of Zynga execs that have left the company in the last month; this has occurred since the stock dropped more than 70 per cent in value with no sign of a recovery any time soon.

QUOTE | "Oh my god, this is incredible, this is just gonna change everything." — Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus, describing how he felt when he tried out the company's Rift virtual reality headset for the first time.

QUOTE | "All of those turn-of-the-millennium executives in video games were wrong." — Arkane Studio's Harvey Smith (Dishonored), talking about how scripted experiences are not what players are looking for these days.

QUOTE | "We need to be constantly reinventing our games and ourselves ... Complacency kills." — Petri Järvilehto, EVP Games at Rovio, explaining why Rovio needs to keep pushing forward on new designs after Angry Birds.

QUOTE | "What Zynga created on Facebook was a new distribution channel for games, but they did not create a new type of game." — Steve Fowler, veteran game marketer, talking about why the social game bubble is bursting for Zynga.

QUOTE | "The subscription model is dead in the water." — Rob Fahey, former editor of Gamesindustry.biz, talking about how Star Wars: The Old Republic switching to free-to-play shows the future of MMOs.

QUOTE | "Publishers used to fundamentally add value... That's not the case anymore." — David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies, talking about how the world of game development has changed.

QUOTE | "We're still seeing the PC market is not dead, it's very much alive." — Kip Katsarelis, producer for EA Maxis on the new SimCity, talking about why they decided to aim for the PC game market first.

STAT | 900,000 — Number of copies of EA's Madden NFL 13 sold on the first day at retail; this is a seven per cent increase from last year and a new record for the franchise.

STAT | One million — Number of copies sold so far of New Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3DS in Japan; the title held the top sales spot for the third week running in Japan.

QUOTE | "Both PS4 and the next Xbox need a 'killer app' to get them out of the blocks." — Johnny Minkley, games writer and broadcaster, talking about what's needed to sell a next-gen game console.

STAT | One million — Number of units of Guild Wars 2 that were sold prior to the game's launch; pre-purchasing the game gave buyers access to the three-day head start.

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    I'd be happy to pay $40. But Nintendo charges Australians $70 for digital titles. Why? Because they're a heartless company that doesn't give a shit about you.

      I agree we bought NSMB2 for a birthday present for a family friend and $53 was as cheap as we could find. Way over the odds for a portable game which should sit in the $30 - $40 range

    “Both PS4 and the next Xbox need a ‘killer app’ to get them out of the blocks.”

    Thank you, professor.

    I still want to pay $40 for Nintendo games...

      Agreed. $40 would be amazing considering how much we pay in Aus

    I just finished reading that PlayMG article, god Scott Edwards is smug. So smug infact that he can't even realise that his device is doomed to fail before it's even been released.

    If the portable gaming industry is doomed to fall before the Android and Apple casual market, it would of happened before Nintendo and Sony launched their newest handhelds. Not only did this not happen, but Nintendo and Sony's handheld's are surviving quite well in the current market (say what you will about the Vita, I guarantee you the Vita has sold more units now than this device ever will)

    The problem I see with the device though is painfully obvious, it fails to attrach either of the so called "old markets" of Casual and Core gamers, Casual gamers aren't going to want a dedicated device to play their games on, they already have a device that can do everything this thing can do and more. . . it's called their smartphone. As for Core gamers, it fails to address the big issue Core gamers have with Android/Apple gaming: lack of physical controls. This guy can say all he wants about how many supposed 'core gamer' titles are available on the Android market, I would much rather play Sonic 2 using a physical control pad and physical action buttons that try to use touch controls which take up half the screen and don't have any sort of feedback when you use them. The same can be said for many other "core gamer" titles on the Android market.

    To Quote the top comment on the gameindustry.biz article (atm): This has failure written all over it.

      'we spent a lot of time listening to kids and parents about the problems they had with the current gaming experience and most of our innovations are inspired by them'. He's going for kids with an off-brand handheld console that doesn't play the blockbuster games.
      Kids and parents may not enjoy forking out big bucks for Pokemon but that doesn't mean there's automatically a market for selling cheaper anime pet monster toys.

      The idea has merit and I'm not going to call the guy a jerk for trying to make something new, but I can't see it penetrating the markets he's shooting for. Nintendo, Sony and Apple will devour it on any front it tries to get a foothold in using brand power alone.

        ((sorry for taking so long to reply, kinda sad since there's probably no chance you'll even see this))

        The problem I see is, to me at the very least there is nothing new about his idea. he's basically taken a smartphone, removed the phone capacity and it trying to market it as a competitor to the 3DS and Vita.

        If i'm missing something here don't hesitate in telling me (even though I'm 2 days late) but I don't see anything radical or groundbreaking in this guys idea. Sony already tried to make an Android based gaming system with the Xperia Play, that also included a physical gamepad plus the capacity to be used as a phone. Given the limited success the device had I'd assume at least in Sony's mind the experiment didn't work.

        I understand this device will be cheaper than a Xperia Play, given it won't have anywhere near the functionality of one, regardless I still cannot see a device like this working in this market. . . I cannot see it stand a chance prying hardcore gamers away from their 3DS' and Vita's, and if the casual market want a smartphone without the phone functionality. . . the iPod touch has been around for a lot longer, and as much as I hate to say it, has a proven track record PlayMG cannot hope to match when it comes to both build quality, ease of use, and appropriate software (games)

    Id love to pay 40 cause in Australia titles are 69.95, near 50-60 dollars if were lucky/if a sale is on.

    40 bucks for a game?

    I wish Australia prices were that good.

    Consumers still want to pay for Nintendo games, they just don't want to play them on the Wii. =P

    Wii is fine . They should have branded wii u aa bit different though. It send so similar. The packages look the same. It will sell hotcakes.

      haha, the Wii U will sell hotcakes, SOLD! as long as they are cheap.

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