Cosplaying Ladies Of The Tokyo Game Show

You've seen the cosplaying dudes of this year's Tokyo Game Show. And now? Now, it's the ladies' turn.

These are some (by no means, all) of the female cosplayers, doing their thing and showing off their fancy outfits in the Tokyo Game Show's cosplay alley.


    Wow.. the costumes are pretty lacking compared to the shows in the USA and the shows I've seen in the past in Japan. Really low-end costumes. Quite disappointing really...

      Think you can do better, eh?

      Think you can do better, eh?

        No, I think he thinks others could. What he can or can't do is completely beside the point and a retarded argument.

        That said, I know I could do better.

          Oh were we supposed to be looking at the costumes? Oops

    I wonder if we'll get any of the aussie cosplay photos from the weekends animania on kotaku au; there were a few pretty fanatstic ones.

    Um, I think some ofthem are men...

    dat lightning

    Something about background-asian-Cammy made me laugh.
    Also, is Potato Sack Sora really good enough to show twice?! Even once is debatable... (That IS Sora, right?)

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