Critter Crunch Is Coming To Steam

Critter Crunch Is Coming To Steam

Dear God. Critter Crunch. That game, man… that game. Critter Crunch is a game about feeding little animals to bigger animals so they explode and die. It is a puzzle game and it is amazing. Until now the game has been a PSN exclusive, but now it looks as though it’s making its way the PC courtesy of Steam.

I’ve been playing this game with my wife for the past year, pretty much every weekend God sends, and I can’t recommend it enough. Developed by the folks behind Sword and Sworcery, Critter Crunch is compulsive, claustrophobic and utterly, utterly brilliant. It is the only game I can get my missus to play nowadays, and once she starts she literally can’t stop.

The main attraction, in our household at least, is the co-op mode — and I wonder how that will translate to the PC. That would be my only question. But for those who haven’t had the chance to experience the super clean art, or frantic gameplay of Critter Crunch this is good news.

It comes out September 11 and will cost $6.99.


  • Played this at Game Masters, I remember it because it was next to the Minecraft setup (I wrote my name on a mountain heheh) . This game was hard! Looking forward to this.

  • I don’t play many casual games but I picked this up on PSN because of the good reviews.
    It’s awesome.
    Also enjoyed local co-op a lot. Single player campaign gets hard after a while, don’t think I ever beat the level you had to clear using only combos.

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