DayZ Creator Wants You To Help Free His Friends Held 'Hostage' In Greece

Dean "Rocket" Hall, creator of 2012 indie shock hit DayZ is pleading for fans to pressure Greek authorities, including the nation's prime minister, to free two of his colleagues who remain jailed in the southern European nation.

Video game developers Ivan Buchta (pictured above, at right, standing next to Hall) and Martin Pezlar were arrested earlier this month for allegedly spying on Greek military installations on the Greek island of Lemnos. They say they were just vacationing, and their employer, the Czech-based development studio Bohemia Interactive says the pair were most definitely not scoping the island out for work on a game — even though the upcoming ArmA III will include a modified version of the island. The two men are facing a maximum sentence of 20 years on espionage charges, if convicted, according to supporters, though that has not been confirmed by Greek authorities.

The developers have said that they're being treated fairly by Greek authorities but have said the situation is an "absurd... misunderstanding."

Hall salutes both men in a post on his blog, saying that "the charges are nothing short of absurd." He's asking fans to take action by contacting Greek embassies and even Tweeting at the Greek prime minister. "The world has their eye on Greece because of their economic troubles, let them know the world has two of their friends held hostage."

And what do you know?

It's pretty much the only thing people are tweeting at Prime Minister Antonis Samaras about:

OK... maybe that last one was about something else. But those were all in the last hour.

My friends are in prison [Dean "Rocket" Hall's Tumblr]


    “The world has their eye on Greece because of their economic troubles, let them know the world has two of their friends held hostage.” Huh? Some kind of hostage counter-threat? I'll pass...

    Greece says to fix the debug menu first.

      Yeah good one, we'll all remember that when YOU'RE wrongly held prisoner in a foreign country.

        How are they wrongly held in a foreign country? they were taking photos of military installations you don't have to be a genius to know how illegal that is and as to the espionage charges I'm guessing the Greek Government are just trying to make examples of them.

          "they were taking photos of military installations "

          Pretty sure this is just an allegation. I'm guessing they'll be held to ransom or some other leverage at this point. Greece is 2 steps away from being a third world country if it wasn't for the EU constantly injecting more money into a system that loses more than it makes. Try taking pictures of a local Aussie military facility. You can't, why? Because they have fences, guards and CCTV. Even if these allegations are true, it speaks more about the state of Greece's inability to protect their own national interests than ridiculous claims of espionage.

        They are not wrongly imprisoned, do you really think that mapping out a military base and putting it into a video game is a good idea? Every single country that has a half decent military would have done the exact same thing, in some places they could've been shot on site.

          Every country with a half decent military wouldn't let civilians anywhere near military installations, well before the situation elevates to people getting shot or even arrested.

    looks like someone's spying on them in that picture.

    Damn Greece. Just because they can't afford a soft serve cone from Maccas.

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