Dead Island: Riptide Puts The Four Survivors Through Even More Hell

After name-dropping the Dead Island sequel at E3 in June, Deep Silver drops the first visuals and details on Dead Island: Riptide, which challenges the original four survivors to live up to the label once again.

They thought they were safe, but this is a zombie game — no one is ever truly safe. A powerful monsoon strikes just as the four heroes of Dead Island think their safe, destroying their rescue vessel and stranding them on the island resort once again.

Don't expect the same lush locales, however — the island has been transformed by the monsoon. Large areas have been destroyed, streets are flooded — in one of the new screens they find themselves on a boat, surrounded by water bound undead.

Nowhere is safe. For the fab four, which makes it fortunate that a new character with a mysterious new skill set is joining the crew. That's sure to help out during the game's new hub defence missions, which tasks players to set up defenses in advance of the oncoming hordes.

Otherwise it sounds like a lot of the same thing, only different, and that's what a sequel is supposed to be.

Dead Island: Riptide is slated for release in 2013 for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.


    "A powerful monsoon strikes just as the four heroes of Dead Island think their safe"

    "think their safe"



      Grammar nazis.... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! SIEG HEIL!

        Oh come on, it's primary school grammar for fucks sake, and they write for a living.

          I wouldn't go that far, but you're right it is their job to write.

        You'll be lambasted by AM talk shows by this time tommorow if you carry on that behaviour :D

    You'd think after the positive reception that trailer received and the average reception the game itself received they'd focus on trying to make an emotionally driven zombie game that lives up to the trailer rather than turning out more of the same.

      Yeah, never mind the fact that this game sold more copies than deep silvers back catalogue combined. Pfft, shows what they know

        I doubt the sequel will though :p

      Except that the emotional side of things can quickly get annoying especially on secondary playthroughs the trailer got good press because it was something that could be worthy of actually being part of a movie

      Dont think they haven't done their market research and know that deep down this will probably sell better with less monetary investment than an emotionally engaging game

      Also to make that sort of game you have to overly script it and have stupid reasons for why you couldn't save the person.

      Sure you could attempt it via randomly generated content but that has its own issues(like having the same little girl being bitten an then devouring her family 4 times in 2 hours would get annoying.

      But they should definetly look into a better story. Though with monsoon as their key plot device that's unlikely

    I didn't find the first game that bad. It was rather enjoyable, I guess I didn't encounter any of the bugs everyone talked about.

    it might sell, but if they keep up their current 'standard' of game, no-one will buy the sequel.


    Well, I'm sold on it.

    I'll buy it, really enjoyed the first.

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