Desperate For Pandaria? What To Expect If You're Online The Second It's Live

Boxes containing World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria are making their way out into the world. That's all well and good, but the panda-themed expansion won't be accessible until 5pm on Tuesday September 25 (EST), no matter how soon players install it.

What can players expect, though, if they're live, sitting in Azeroth when Blizzard throws the server switch? Players who have fully patched and registered their codes will have instant access to the new content at that time, Blizzard has clarified on their forum. And what will that access entail?

  • A yellow System Message will appear in your Chat Log telling you to visit Orgrimmar or Stormwind to start your travels.
  • Level 85 characters will receive a new quest, no matter where they are in the world, which will guide them to Varian or Garrosh for further orders. If you're online at midnight you will receive the quest even if your Quest Log is full — or you can visit Varian or Garrosh to get started on your journey to Pandaria.
  • Level 85 players will notice their experience bar automatically change so that experience can once again be earned.
  • Players who are at the Character Creation screen at midnight will notice the button to create a pandaren character will be enabled. (Reminder: This also applies to players who don't have a Mists of Pandaria licence, as all races are now included with a base copy of World of Warcraft.)
  • Players who are at the Character Creation screen at midnight will notice the button to create a monk character will be enabled.

It's great news for dedicated players that access will be live and instantaneous. Just remember, though: there's nothing on that list about Blizzard explaining to your boss why you keep falling asleep at work the next day.

Mists of Pandaria Midnight Activation Details [Official forums]


    i'm sorry, all i can see on this page is "Guild Wars 2"

      i'm sorry, all I can see is "a big douche reply"

        Damn straight it was a big douche reply ;-)

          HAHA Damn Straight

    What to expect? Lag, disconnections, a million questions hey where do I turn panda etc...

      Was going to say the same, lag, disconnections, millions of questions, crowed panderian area, trolls standing on quest givers and many more ....

    >What To Expect If You’re Online The Second It’s Live
    Not being able to log in for 8 hours.

    I expect 500 pandaren monks to be simultaneously made, big lag in the cities, minor lag throughout the game, and lots and lots of chat in trade/forums.

    ERROR 37

    Apart from the lag, loading screen boss, connection drop outs and the queue times, I expect to see many pandas in the BG's.

    Also I'm making sure I have /leave trade at the ready.

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