Destroying Video Games And Controllers Can Look Mesmerising

Gaming is great fun. But sometimes it can totally piss you off. And you just want to just want to Hulk Smash — but you don't.

This animated gif is from Japanese anime Shinryaku! Ika Musume (aka Squid Girl), and it's utterly fantastic. You can see what it looks like when a Super Nintendo cartridge is crushed and when a controller is snapped in half.

This particular scene was in the Ika Musume original video animation that was released this past August. There's something oddly soothing about this GIF.

From "Shinryaku!! Ika Musume OVA" [AANNIIMMEE]


    "I'll never get tired of seeing bashcraft clog up kotaku with these awesome anime gif posts!" - No one, ever.

      I'll actually never get tired of them and hope they continue for a long time.

      These short articles are great to peruse during short breaks at work. :)


          Rather than argue the point with either of you, I'll leave you to enjoy that gif and the 3 sentences of faff ensuring that bashcraft gets paid some money for relatively little work.

          I'd hate for you guys to read anything taxing. That would require thought, and usin' yer noggin there. I'd hate for that to happen.

            The above gif now appears to me as the above two users trying to read something with words. Thanks!

              Thank Goodness. I was hoping no-one would be here to tell me whether or not i'm allowed to like this article. Thanks for taking on the case Jessica Fletcher.

            Sorry we are not all as cool as you

            Some people dont have all the time in the world to read lengthy articles and like these small bite sized pieces

              ur right i am total wrong i luv these articl e sometime I play games then i read about it on thsi sight

    This needs bigger mammaries and more jiggle physics!

    I actually think Luke has gradually become a good journo. In fact I think he has mastered the praxis of good solid reporting. His articles are well researched and appropriately referenced. In fact I think that Luke has outgrown Kotaku and should strike out on his own.

      Oh aahcraft wrote it. Then its crap.

    As someone who regularly disassembles SNES controllers and carts to refurbish them, I'm alarmed at how accurate the details are there.

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