Digital Version Of The Talisman Board Game Coming, For Real This Time

Digital Version Of The Talisman Board Game Coming, For Real This Time

Stop dragging my heart around, Games Workshop. After teasing us with a Capcom-developed version of the fantasy board game that devoured my soul in the early ’90s that never came to fruition, the Warhammer folks hand the property over to Nomad Games, who plan to create a series of Talisman games for PC and mobile devices. Dare I dream?

It certainly looks like Nomad Games is serious about Talisman. It’s the studio that rose from the ashes of the 2011 closure of the THQ Warrington office, the same folks that developed Warhammer 40.000: Kill Team, which goes great lengths towards explaining why Games Workshop is entrusting them with the Talisman property. They’ll be developing a series of games based off the character-filled turn-based dungeon exploring board game and its many expansions, beginning with Talisman Prologue, due out for PC by the end of this year.

What is Talisman Prologue? Design director Carl Jackson explains, via official announcement: “While Talisman fans have been waiting to see their favourite game in virtual form, we have also focused on appealing to new players. Talisman Prologue, is not only a fresh spin on the game, it’s designed to help players become Talisman masters”.

Talisman Prologue is being developed using the Marmalade cross-platform SDK, which means for easy development across a wide variety of PC and mobile platforms. The game will be shown off at the Games Day at the NEC in Birmingham, England on September 23.

I’ll wait for impressions out of the event before I get excited. I’ve been hurt so bad before.




  • You say “Games Workshop” a few times there – But Talisman was bought from GW a number of years ago. It’s made and owned by Fantasy Flight games now, and is much, much better for it.

    • FFG has the rights to make a Talisman boardgame, but doesn’t it still reside within the Warhammer (fantasy) universe – and GW probably didn’t sell the video game rights.

  • Talisman is generally not considered to be a very good game, by board game enthusiasts anyway. Not terrible, just not great.
    I have to wonder, though, why most mediocre games (Monopoly, Talisman, etc) geat VG adaptations, when the really well regarded ones (PowerGrid, Puerto Rico, Agricola, Twilight Struggle) don’t get the treatment.

    I used to think it was mainstream popularity, which would explain Monopoly, but Talisman is a niche product too.

    My current line of thought is that it’s based around how easy it is to develop effective AI for it, and how much of the game enjoyment revolves around physically handling pieces.

    That said, great to see Dominion is getting an adaptation.

      • Yeah, iOS is getting a lot of board games made for it.
        Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne are two I have on my iPod, and think are great. I thought about getting Lost Cities, too. And Puerto Rico is available, but I don’t know much about it, Small World would be cool, but it’s only iPad.

    • Well there won’t be anything social about Talisman Prologue, as it’s going to be single player only. But that honestly doesn’t bother me one bit and I am still quite looking forward to it, as I think their approach to it will still make an awesome single player “boardgamey” experience.

  • The most important element of board games like Talisman (good but not great) is atmosphere. Without all the physical pieces and a table surrounded by friends the appeal to me will be mostly nostalgic and no doubt very short lived.

    • …until someone casts a spell and takes one of your followers/items/spells! But it’s certainly more social — and friendly — than some other games, e.g. Battlestar Galactica or Game of Thrones.

      Settlers of Catan is another favourite of mine. I’ve heard there are VG versions, and the Surface one looks awesome — if you can afford to shell out the clams to buy the Surface.

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