Dishonored Characters Get Freaky Recreations On SyFy Reality Show

SyFy show Face/Off — no relation to the film with one of Nick Cage's most hilarious outbursts — is a reality show where makeup artists compete on projects with one another. Like Top Chef but with movie characters.

Last night's episode assigned said makeup artists to delve into the world of Dishonored, creating ogreish characters that I have yet to recognise in the many trailers and playthroughs we've seen so far. Perhaps we'll find out if this is artistic liberty at work or an allusion to creatures and characters we'll meet on October 9.

You can watch the sneak peak below.

Dishonorable Proportions [SyFy — thanks Jeff!]



    I love this show. Been watching it since Season 1, i'm surprised more people dont watch it... its reality TV which actually has a budget. Its good.

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