Don't Be Afraid Of This PS3 Super Slim Ad


    I wet my pants

    It says "coming out" basically.

    Okay, while you're trying to eat my face could you please load this game disc for me?

    Dafuq Japan?

      Because it cross-promotes "biohazard 6"?

        Hey, I like Resident Evil as much as the next guy, but Japan's advertising techniques for it seriously suck.

    oh sony. your history of weird-ass ads continues

    I love it!
    Nice work on the originality (and I say this without sarcasm).

    There are multiple advertising tactics, and sony is using the "Make a weird add for us too remember".

    Sony have a way with making these weird whack adds to get us to remember and it works.
    This one isnt as weird as past advertising by sony but it sure as hell works and has got me and alot of my friends and work mates are getting the super slim ps3.

    Wish they'd stop making the ps3 uglier with each release.

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