Don't Forget The Lame Game Marathon This Weekend!

Just in case you'd forgotten, this weekend heralds the Lame Game Marathon. This is your chance to watch three brave, beautiful men (Puppylicks, DanMazkin and Klutar) punish their bodies and break their minds by playing some of the worst video games ever made. For 24 hours straight. For charity. They need your support!

The above video will give you most of the nitty gritty, but if you require more info, follow these guys on Twitter or on Facebook.

The whole event will be streamed here starting from 10am on Saturday, so be sure to tune in, and donate!

And, just in case you thought these guys were going to take it easy on themselves, here is a list of the games they'll be playing over the 24 hour period...

Jesus wept.


Big Rigs Toilet Tycoon The Zoo Race Street Cleaning Simulator Barbie Horse Adventure


Mortal Kombat – Special Forces Mary-Kate & Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall Bubsy 3D Hooters Road Trip Spice Girls: Spice World


Sukeban Shachou Rena Hooked! Real Motion Fishing Man vs Wild Ninjabread Man Babysitting Mama


    That made me happy in my pants

    I think it's irresponsible giving that axe to a child.
    The fake beard is a nice touch though.

    I don't know about anyone else, but the first thing I did after seeing this article was throw "hooters road trip" into eBay.

    Good luck, and stay sane! (drinking may help with this)

    I would loveeee to get involved in something like this with some guys from melbourne.

    Shouldn't they be working on doing that one bus game by Penn and Teller where you drive for 8 hours to get a single point? That's be perfect for an extended play time like this.

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