Double Your Final Fantasy XIII Pleasure With This Limited Edition Pack

Over in Hong Kong, PlayStation's Asia branch just announced a limited edition Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 pack.

The bundle includes both games (with English and traditional Chinese subtitles and the original Japanese voices) as well as eight eight post cards. It'll be out September 13 in Hong Kong for HK$558 or US$72. No word on a Western release.

FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary PS3™ FINAL FANTASY XIII/FINAL FANTASY® XIII-2 Dual Pack Limited Edition [Asia PlayStation]


    Everyone should already have both games anyway ;)

    Can can you put the word pleasure with that game? Relive the nightmare would be more suitable

      What didn't you like about them?

        XIII was fine. XIII-2 was a plot hole filled nightmare. The writers knew NOTHING about time travel, and it didn't even make sense within it's own universe.

          Technically NOONE knows anything about timetravel since noones actually done it... just sayin'...

            Come on weresmurf - you throw an artefact at a gate and then a moogle shows you the way... everyone knows that :P

        The horrible story, The linear travel throughout the world also didn't help. The lack of a world map made the linear corridor running even worse. Horrible dialog, horrible characters some borderline racist. The story it self was an incoherent mess and worst of all was boring. Final boss was terrible, Combat was mindless and the Crystarium is a terrible version of the sphere grid. In a ton of ways FF 13 is a bad version of FFX. Both are linear but FFX had a coherent and intriguing story, great characters, awesome combat and great bosses. Aeons were also quite awesome and the cutscenes in X were engaging. Final Fantasy XIII was a madman's FFX and was inferior on every level except graphics. However we know what's most important to gamers these days, those shiny graphics.


          Well you obviously aren't just some hater - you really didn't like it!

          I really enjoyed both games, but not just because the graphics were nice - if it helps convince you I can tell you I played through 13 on a standard definition TV!

            The worst storytelling of any FF game to date. I can understand plot-heavy dialogue, but getting dropped right into scenes of characters name-dropping fal'cie, l'cie, caccoon, etc with no context is amateurish. There's a difference between cold opens and the hour or so slog you need to get through before there's any exposition (not that the writing gets any better).

            Yes, the game looks good, but the first 15-20 hours is probably the most linear game you can get away with in this day and age. There's pretty stuff going on around you, but you cannot interact with any of it outside your straight and narrow. Combat was repetitive for that 15 hours and essentially involved mashing X since the rest is completely automated and you can get away with it for all the trash mobs and bosses. Then the learning 'curve' turns into a brick wall at around 20 hours.

            Oh and Vanille made me play half that game on silent. Possibly THE worst voice acting I've ever experienced in any game (and I finished Valkyria Chronicles 2 'Avan: A-aha-ahahaha!'). Every terrible perky Japanese schoolgirl trope turned up to 11. Quirky for quirkiness's sake, cloying and I suspect a bit 'slow.'

            Those are the ones that immediately come to mind, but it's been a few years and if I picked it up, I'm sure I remember another half dozen deal-breaking flaws for me. The only people who should enjoy this game are Final Fantasy diehards. I've considered myself a casual fan since the PSX but this just distilled every negative JRPG stereotype I've silently put up with into one package. FF 13-2 might be better, but I'm not going to bother. Life is short, and there are better ways to spend it than random encounter JRPG grinds.

    I liked 13 alot more than 13-2, just saying

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