Dragon Ball Looks Exhausting On Kinect

Dragon Ball Z is coming to Kinect as Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. They really should've called it Dragon Ball Z: Total Body Workout.

Not sure who the gentleman playing is (or for which press outlet he writes for). If he lets me know, I'd be more than happy to add it right here!


    Looks like this could be awesome, but it's not really there yet...

    DBZ Fit+

    lets hope this time there is no retarded dance games like in star wars kinect

    I can't believe they are going to try and sell this- to people of all things.

    this will be the death of fat kids....

    as much as it looks empty from a storyline/gameplay perspective. i think i might still pick up a kinnect just for it.


    Sigh* ok.. Ill do it.. Ill make the joke... This games power level is over 9000.. Yep.. Happy now? Your welcome

    how many calories would this burn per session????? anyone???? comeone???

    Kinnect.. the only thing I hate more then the eye toy -_-

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