Dungeons & Dragons Didn't Just Change Video Games, It Changed The World

Even if you've never actually played it, Dungeons & Dragons will have played some role in your gaming life. As is said in the clip above, if you've played Skyrim, or World of Warcraft, or any other RPG (or even game with RPG tendencies), you're simply playing a modern interpretation of a basic set of rules first laid down in the 1970s.

This trailer is for Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary, a classy and in-depth look at the tabletop game which has, very quietly, become one of the most defining and important cultural institutions of the past three decades, its influence felt far outside the world of those who huddle around tables listening to a dungeon master.

Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary [Official Site, via Laughing Squid]


    Controversial opinion here, but for all the good D&D has done, I feel it's had quite a negative impact on CRPGs. As Plunkett says, most modern CRPGs use an updated set of rules that first came from D&D, and I don't think that's a good thing. It's caused developers to become less creative when it comes to creating CRPGs and when ever they do step out of the mold they tend to gain the hate of fans who feel it's not a "true RPG" because it doesn't use D&D's ruleset.

      It's not D&D's fault that other people in other companies, and maybe throughout other parts of the world have failed to innovate enough to meet your standard.
      You can either blame D&D for creating one version of a norm in the RPG world, or thank D&D for getting the party started and blowing open the doors for years of gamers.
      Also people should totally get behind the Kickstarter!

      I hear what your saying but that's also a cop out to think that every RPG is developed keeping D&D's rules in mind. Sure RPG's are usually fantasy/monster/dungeon based......????? Ok, you win.

    What this article doesn't meantion is that they have a kickstarter running right now that is in danger of not meeting it's goal.

    War games people and strategist will tell you D&D is a extension of those games!

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