E...A...Sports...These Guys Made The Parts That Say 'It's In The Game'

Even if you've never played a sports game in your life, EA's intro catchphrase has become one of the most ubiquitous in all of gaming. So for Fine Art today, we're going to take a break from castles and giant robots to look at the people who are now in charge of the slogan (or at least the part where it comes up).

For the past two years, LA consultancy and creative agency Troika have been responsible for designing and building what's called a "bootflow", which in simple terms is that sequence you first see when a game fires up.

Normally the kind of place that works with clients like Disney, ESPN, Fox and VH1, you'd think that employing their services for a short pre-game sequence is crazy, but that's just how much money and attention EA focus on their tentpole sporting series, that they'll bring in fancy creative agencies just to make a video most people will try and skip.

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