Eleven Years Later, At Long Last, Cortex Command Has Launched

Cortex Command began life as the project of a Swedish high school student. That high schooler has now turned 30, gotten married, moved to the United States and become a citizen. And, at long last, he's launched his game.

Everything about Cortex Command, by Data Realms, shrieks of a labour of love, from the fact it still has the physics engine that Dan Tabar created for it in February 2001. The trailer you see above was made by a fan "who lives in the far east of Siberia," where evidently there is a huge following for this game.

The music in that trailer comes from Danny Baranowsky, who did music for Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac

We first wrote about it four years ago.

Cortex Command doesn't seem to fit into the easy boxes that we put a lot of games into. It's definitely a real time strategy game, with elements of side-scrolling platformers in it as well. The game has been released on Steam and is available now for $US17.99. It works on both PC and on Mac.

Cortex Command [Steam]

YouTube video uploaded by Data Realms


    Kinda looks like Soldat. For an indie game, it looks pretty pricey, but I'll definitely grab it on sale.

    I got this as part of the humble indie bundle 3 and although it was far from finished at the time it was a lot of fun and showed a lot of potential.
    Now that it's finished it's time to activate on steam, redownload and replay. Goddam the humble indie bundles are good value 8)

      Same, I thought that name was familiar... So we can activate it on Steam now? Pretty cool if so.

        Found it. It was in Bundle 2!

          Well... I just bought the Humble Indie Bundle 6 after being reminded how god they are. I say bought, it's more like a donation seeing as I own most the games already.

    I tried playing it last night, didn't really enjoy it. Got rushed right at the start of the first campaign battle and died within 10 seconds what :| will try again but not really impressed so far...

      Try messing around in a skirmish battle first, to get the hand of the mechanics. Unfortunately the tutorial doesn't offer much insight into surviving. Do make sure to have your brain in a safe(ish) location first, though.

      There are some pretty awesome mods on the forums, too, for anyone wanting to take a look;

    Oh I remember playing a demo i think it was of this for like a minute. Better give it a longer go

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