Enjoy The Old-Time Feel Of This Amazing Mechanical Donkey Kong Machine

This contraption looks like an alternate-reality version of the arcade game that pretty much saved Nintendo. No pixels are present in engineer Martin Raynsford's laser-cut re-creation of Donkey Kong, but you do control Mario via an NES hooked up to servo motors. This first attempt only lets you jump as Mario but Raynsford writes that he'll start work on a side-scrolling version soon. Still, pretty frikkin' cool

Mechanical Donkey Kong V1 [MSRaynsford — thanks Marconi!]


    very, very cool.
    You could totally expand on that further by having gates randomly open/close causing the "barrels" to fall down the stairs, like in the game.

      Awesome idea.

      Also he should use little barrels.

    He pronounces Mario different to me.... must be a POM thing.

      Fascinating. Sigh.

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