Fallout 3 Modding Gone Wrong Is Downright Terrifying


    That is terrifying.

    In b4 'this reddit repost ruined my life' posts.

      I still say this is content theft, and no better than piracy, which this site rails against.

        What an incredibly long bow to draw!

        They cited, FFS.

          If you copy something wholesale and then generate revenue, citing only resolves the legal issues, not the moral one.

            And this cite does it a lot. You should look up maddox for his issues with it. Or the oatmeal.

              Who cares what Maddox's issues are with it? Make up your own mind.

            Thanks for elaborating. I guess I dont have a problem with it since I don't Reddit and I wouldn't see this stuff otherwise.

              Besides, reddit is just a portal for people to put stuff online for the sake of getting attention. People aspire to have their stuff go viral.

              The only party this might hurt is reddit, who probably loves the added clickthroughs to their site anyway.


        I don't read Reddit and I'm glad Kotaku repost/reference stuff on there because I'd never see it otherwise. It's cited. They're not taking credit or passing it off as something of their own.

        Content theft is an extremely long bow to draw and pretty ridiculous. I suppose everyone everywhere that has ever 'reblogged' something is morally corrupt. By your logic Tumblr = criminals?

        Another irrelevant post bristling with impotent nerd rage. You must really hate it when CNN and local news station run the same story..

        As not all of us read Reddit, I'm gonna go ahead and thank Kotaku for bringing this article to our attention.

    Wasn't there a FO3 bug where the sky texture was replaced by a face?

    For some reason the wonderful glitches where radscorpions et al would clip through the ground and twitch more freaky than anything bethesday deliberately put into the game.

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