Fallout: Lanius Is An Aussie Made Fan Flick, And It Needs Your Help

Regular readers may remember Fallout: Lanius, a high quality fan flick currently in production starring voice actors that actually appeared in the Fallout games. Director Wade K. Savage has been working on the project for months, and has now set up a Kickstart-style fund raiser on Indie Go-go to help fund the movie.

Savage explains it pretty well in the above video, but Fallout: Lanius seems like the real deal. Wade is an award-winning theatre Director and his goal is to make Fallout: Lanius look as good as any feature film.

A lofty goal, but Savage has assembled quite the team, and he hopes to make Fallout: Lanius almost indistinguishable from a professional shoot.

If you want to support the project head here.


    Why can't he look at the camera? Is he wearing fake groucho marx nose and glasses?

    If he made ten thousand dollars a day, he'd spend ten thousand dollars a day. I don't mind that. What I do mind is that he still sleeps better than I do. - Groucho Marx

    Aussie flick

    Yeah nah, it'll be crap.

      With confidence in our country like that, why the hell are you still here?

      I'm hoping for something as good as NukaBreak. Without the slapstick.

        No slapstick, so night gags - just storytelling, performances and a really tight script with some crazy fight scenes. That, and some incredible makeup FX and costumes.

        *Sight gags, that is.

      It's people like you that make others think the Australian film industry is a joke. When in fact it's not.

    Very well said. Plus, there is some damn talented people involved!

    If only Kickstarter could be used by Aussies, as Savage would surely get the $10,000 in a day.

    yehhhhh wade!!!!

      Yeah, you know it dude! :D

    I'd speculate it's more a problem with our funding bodies only putting money behind dreary existential dramas or films that are far too insular to succeed outside the country. I think things have improved a bit over the last few years - we've had some international success with animated films (not sure exactly how Australian Animal Logic's films really are), as well as to a smaller degree with torture-porn films like Wolf Creek and The Loved Ones and similarly grim Snowtown.

    What we need to do is start funding more genre films. They don't need to be artistic or meaningful. They need to make money here and abroad. There's no reason why the local industry shouldn't be as big as overseas. Going up against Hollywood is probably unrealistic, but we should be able to rival the British with a lot of smart decision making and a lot more work.

    Anyway, ramble aside, funding these chaps seems like a move in the right direction.

      Many thanks, Jacka. When I started in the industry, I was normally pretty frustrated with the whole Genre vs. Non Genre element of our business. But in the end, you just have to make something you care about. And, making a film for an audience (especially a rabid one, like the Fallout Community can be) is a meaningful challenge.

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