Fans Make A Peaceful Online Protest For Final Fantasy Versus XIII

While Square Enix recently confirmed that it is still making Final Fantasy Versus XIII and that it'll be out when it's good and ready, some fans are having a hard time waiting. It's only been six years. What's the rush?

Recently, a group of fans on the GameFAQs boards banded together to form Project Crystallis and release "peaceful" video protests to Square Enix. As its YouTube video page points out: "We're not rushing [SIC] release date. We're demanding info release."

Check out the group's protest video above and, if you are interested, have a look at the group's Facebook page.

Project Crystallis [Facebook]


    Those idiots, it'll get here when it gets here. They don't realise that ff13 was probably meant to be a trilogy from its early original dev stage. Just a bunch of impatient fools. You can't make the dev team work harder than they already are if alot of the reasources were already going towards the ff13 trilogy. Its the same if they just ask for an info release.

      Well it is worth noting that we will not see Kingdom Hearts 3 until a few years after FFvXIII is cancelled or released since the Verses team is the KH team.

      Also the have been working on multiple projects -- helping with FFXIII development, releaseding TWEWY, KH:358/2 days, KH: BBS and KH: DDD. It is about time we either saw more of FFvXIII or SE cancelled the game to stop wasting time and resources on a project that'll never be released. Its been 6 years. That is simply overkill.

        Sharing info on the game will only make it harder for them to cancel it if that is what they intend to do. Conversely, if the game isn't coming out anytime soon, sharing info will just perpetuate the frustrations people have about it not being out.

        Not sharing information means you're not getting people's hopes up.

        Also, you don't "deserve" anything. It's their IP, it's their resources, their money.

      If I recall correctly, both games should of come out within a similar time frame when they were originally anounnced.

      I remember buying one of the original PS3's in anticipation for both games, bad idea (N)

      This was years before XIII was out, I'm sure they were not planning on a trilogy before the release back then in the early dev stages, thats a PR disaster.

      This video shows testimony to that.

      It will surely come when it come when its ready but with it would be nice to have this released sooner or later.

      I would laugh if the game really sucked.

      They are asking for news, not necassarily faster development. 6 years of barely any news is very serious compared to previous entries like 12 which had 4 years but plenty of news.

      13 was never meant to be a trilogy. FFXIII-2 and this new Lightning thing are Squenix engaging in a mad scramble to re-use as much of the art assets and so on they created during development as possible, because while dicking around for years they created three or four times more stuff than they actually used in the original game. Basically it's just recouping costs.

      I wouldn't be surprised if, this late into the console lifecycle, then next time we see Versus it's been retitled something else and moved to next-gen systems.

    Yet another bunch of whiny gamers demanding things they feel entitled to but aren't.


    I don't get all this demand for FF-V-XIII. I mean, we've hardly been shown any of the actual game, none of what we HAVE been shown looks particularly mind-blowing... and since when has Square-Enix released a brand new game that has warrented such devotion? Not in the past decade as far as I can see. (FF12, perhaps?) Why are people excited? Everything I've seen of it so far looks kinda dull.

      Well demanding Bioware do something for ME3 worked, so now all gamers believe they can get their demands met by giant gaming companies if they yell loud enough on the internet.

        Did it really work? The fans got a slightly less pole holed and confusing mess of an ending then before which wasn't what they wanted. FF fans need to accept that the golden days are over and Final fantasy is very unlikely to return to it's previous level of quality and reliable release schedule. SE have no idea what they are doing anymore.

    maybe they'll show something at this years tokyo game show?

    Wankers. Protest about something worthwhile.

    They didn't even show the more recent batch of footage with non pre rendered scenes..

    Tell them to get in line behind Blizzard and Valve fans.

    In recent years Square has managed to turn one of the most loved franchises of all time into a joke. I have actually established a perfect system for determining what Square will do in any given situation. Simply take what the fans want and the complete opposite will be what happens. It only makes sense that the two most anticipated Final Fantasy games in years will never see the light of day. I have a new plan, lets shut up and pretend we don't want Versus and Type-0, if we do that, we'll have a much higher chance of getting an actual game before we die.

    Vaporware. It was an incredible set of trailers, but 6 years of nothing says to me that it's been shelved at after the prototype/preproduction stage. Which means that when they DO come back to it, they'll probably have to start from scratch again because the tech and tools will have moved on. This is what happened to Duke Nukem, remember?

    I would still like the game to come out eventually, because the glimpse of the world we saw looked interesting (a much more urban FF, rather than the more extreme sci-fi/fantasy settings of the last few), but have given up on it.

    One thing Square SHOULD do is set a new policy - no announcing games more than six months before their release date (which means they should at least be at alpha by then). It's a better marketing decision anyway - less chance of hype drying up before the game actually launches.

    Honestly, i'd rather have Versus XIII than Final Fantasy XIII-2. I've been getting so anxious! And now that FFXIII-3 is announced, i'm worried that Versus is cancelled.

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