FIFA 13 Demo Incoming

I managed to get some hands on with FIFA 13 and, as a relatively casual player, I found the changes to be slight, but significant. The most noticeable change is definitely first touches. Not all players can bring long passes under instant control ala Dennis Bergkamp, so there's a certain skill now in being aware of who you're passing to. But you won't have to take my word for it — there's a new demo on the way, and it should arrive later today!

The demo is already available in the UK, with North American players to follow. I'm doing some double checking with EA locally to find out precisely when we'll get access, but I'm sure that'll be a formality. Either we get the demo today, or tomorrow at some point. I'll update as soon as I hear the official word.

Thanks Joystiq!


    The demo was made available last night for AU PC and Xbox users, and this morning for PS3.

    carnt get it on xbox yet

    The demo is available on the US PSN store and I assume will be available tomorrow morning when the AU store updates.

      Again, it will be available this morning, but not until 11am AEST for some users.

        Sure about that Nate? currently 2pm and still no sign of it

    I can't seem to find it in the Ps
    Store. I am in Aus.

    nothing on the AU store for PS3 yet :(

    its still not up. typical

    Not on the Aus store yet. I just created a US psn and downloaded it from there.

    this is bullshit
    ea didnt ur parents teach you that you r meant to keep promises
    and dont make any promises if you cant keep them

    Still not out on ps3 in australia. pissing me off -.-

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