Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning Reborn In A Skyrim Mod

Of course, Skyrim mods are not new — neither is using Skyrim mods to recreate Final Fantasy characters. That doesn't mean we are totally jaded and impossible to impress.

Japanese bulletin board 2ch unearthed a couple screens that apparently show Final Fantasy XIII character Lightning recreated with a "recent" Skyrim mod.

Online in Japan, people are saying the Skyrim mod version of Lightning is better looking than the original character! Not sure about that, but the recreation sure does look impressive.

『スカイリム』MODのライトニングさん・・・本物よりいいじゃんこれ [ショボン(´・ω・`) デイリーニュース]


    Well it seems SOME people are more easily impressed than others.

      No no, when the author referred to people who are "totally jaded and impossible to impress" they didn't actually mean to summon you.

        Ohhhhhh, apply water to the burn!

    I've always felt that the Manga/Anime asthetic never really gels with the... conservative style of Bethesday games. Giving guys sweeping long auburn hair and massively oversized swords when you've got the Skyrim foes facing you looks really out of place I think. And don't get me started on the effeminate style of most male characters in a lot of Japanese media...

      I agree. I see heaps of mods that anime up characters in Bethesda RPGs and while the models themselves don't look bad they seem really, really out of place with the rest of the game.

    The real question is why does anyone even want to recreate a character from Flop Fantasy XIII?

      Because they liked the character, dumbass. It's called "Being a fan".

    WOOT hentai at last.

    Keep Calm and Keep Anime Out if Skyrim....

    Carry on...

    Is there a download for this?

    Anyone know where I can download this mod ?

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