Final Fantasy XIV's TGS Trailer Both Dazzles And Bores

Bombastic cinematic sequences mixed with a few too many shots of characters running awkwardly through empty fields... this can only be a trailer for the once-fundamentally-broken Final Fantasy XIV.


    why so harsh for? It was alright.

    This was far more exciting when I didn't have guild wars 2

    1:28 Surprised, happy, fear, determined In the space of 4 seconds.

    I guess Plunkett never saw the trailer for Seekers of Adoulin :P

    What MMO is complete without lots of tedious running through empty fields and randomly killing boars...
    And What FF is complete without lots of really nice FMVs of actually interesting gameplay (that you dont play)...

    The screencap for the unplayed video looks exactly like a mod for oblivion.

    As much as I love the FF series, I just can't take FF14 seriously... that and GW2 is so very very fun

    Catgirl content never bores....

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