Firefall's Developers Give New Recruits Something Very Nasty

There is nothing more mundane in the world of video game marketing than the bullet-point announcement. Unless the game's developers go to the trouble of kinda realising this, and dressing the "news" up as an excuse to make a neat little video where everybody who works there gets to pretend they're about to give the new guy a sexually transmitted disease.

That makes things a little less mundane. Well played, Red 5 Studios, well played.


    I was originally following the development of this game.. it looked like it was going to be great.. then it became more and more something I didn't like. I can't put my finger on anything specific but it comes across to me as more of an open-world TF2 than an open-world Tribes or a MMOARPG version of Borderlands, which is what I was hoping it was going to be..

    Will just have to see what happens with this project I suppose.... but we've got Planetside 2 on the horizon now as well..

      I think they have bled quite a few interested players of the course of development because of their,"This is going to be an Esport" mentality.
      I think they were trying to be everything to everyone and that was doomed from the start.
      It led to quite a lot of bad ideas from the forums being implemented which defiantly sullied the experience.
      That being said, once the concept of the latest milestones became find the fun, things began to improve rapidly and the tiered weapon system, while not perfect is a step in the right direction.

    They spelled euphoria wrong?

    damn it, I should really listen when people tell me not to google something...

      I know, right? I have learned so many things I now wish I did not know.

      My only recourse is to warn my friends and family against discovering these same things themselves, then enjoying the schadenfreude as they drive themselves to distraction with curiosity, before eventually succumbing to the lure of forbidden, horrible, horrible knowledge.

    I don't know what the big fuss is. All I got was a page of pictures of Biplanes. I guess I just don't understand American culture... /tongueInCheek

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