First Footage Of Wasteland 2 Stares A Robot Scorpion In The Face

Until now, we'd only seen artwork and a screenshot of the upcoming Wasteland sequel, but here's your first look at the game in motion.

OK, so there's not much motion at all, and the scene in question is the same from the screenshot, but the point of this was to show off the game's various camera angles (including top-down for series veterans), so I guess that's mission accomplished.

What's lacking in terms of action is made up for with the music, though. It's perfect.


    Well that was pointless.

    Yep perfect music. Great atmosphere. Games looking fantastic!

    Mmmm. Taking some of the better parts of Fallout 2. I like.

    Not exactly the game in motion, this is a tech demo of a game still in alpha.
    Should probably clarify that instead of giving readers the impression that this is what the game will look like :P

    come on jinxed perk....

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