First Look At The 3D Graphics Of Ace Attorney 5

Upcoming game Ace Attorney 5 is slated for the 3DS. Since the game is headed to Nintendo's glasses-free 3D platform, it will take advantage of that feature.

What's more, the game's graphics, which have always been 2D, are going to be 3D. This is a complete change for the Ace Attorney series. So the characters — even the Judge — will be in 3D, but will retain a "2D touch", which seems to mean they'll still have a whiff of 2D graphics.

Having fully 3D graphics will even allow camera freedom — as one would expect with a fully 3D game!

While Ace Attorney 5 hasn't yet been announced for the West, as mentioned earlier, there is a report that the game is getting an English release.

『逆転裁判5』のナルホドくん、3Dになってるうううううううううう!! [はちま起稿]



    Also, the Ace Attorney X Layton game trailers had some samples of 3D too, if anyone wanted to see it in action.

    Aww man, 3D? It could work if it was cel-shaded, but...

    Looks like Wright's got himself a new vest.

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