First Look At The Circle Pad Pro For The Nintendo 3DS XL


    I really don't understand how Nintendo keep being so successful at handhelds. This is so Crap I can't even begin to express it.

      It all comes down to the software. The Mario and Pokemon series are the sole reason that millions of their handhelds get sold. There are so many people out there willing to throw away a few hundred dollars to play the next installment of them., and Nintendo is more than happy to take their money.
      It's almost like the Apple effect.

      On top of that, throw in Monster Hunter game and that will be enough to make any handheld successful.

    This better have an external battery built in..... -_-

      Hopefully Nyko will fill that void like they did with the last one.

    It looks a little bit better than the original, but still ridiculous

    About time. I have Resident Evil to play

    Nintendo plz release a 3ds with 2 sticks. You want my money right?

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