First Wii Bundle Features Monster Hunter 3 -- And It's Japan Only

Nintendo of America didn't announce any Wii U bundles in today's event to let people know when their new system would be out. But Japanese consumers already know that they'll be getting a launch day bundle that include an instalment from Capcom's hit RPG series.

The image above translates roughly to the following:

"This is the Monster Hunter 3 Tri G HD ver. Wii U Premium Set. It comes with the Wii U Premium Set, the Wii U Pro Controller and the Wii U exclusive, Monster Hunter 3 Tri HD."

The bundle will cost ¥38,850 (approximately $500) and will be available on December 8, the Wii U's Japanese launch day. Everyone else around the world will have to wait on any Wii U bundles.


    Hope we get a gander at that bundle. If we do, Sold.

    I've ordered the ZombiU bundle that we're getting in Europe. Smart move releasing a Monster Hunter bundle in Japan.

    It's not a proper sequel, and it's not 100% confirmed for the west yet, but....


    What's the difference beteewn Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort?besides wii motionplus, like what are all of the sports in wii sports resort? and should i sell the original wii sports to get wii sports resort?

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