Five Reasons Not To Buy The Wii U, According To The Sun

With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Nintendo's next console, Britain's largest daily newspaper takes a hard look at the facts of the matter and warns the public against an early Wii U purchase. We should all cancel our preorders right away, as The Sun sets us straight: the GamePad is a Vita, the price is too high and it'll be obsolete in a year.

For those of you in places The Sun doesn't shine (hee), Britain's most widely distributed newspaper (and the 10th most circulated newspaper in the world) has a repuation for being a little bit sensationalist. Just a little bit. It's a tabloid, and so when gaming advice comes to us through its muddy filter I have a little trouble taking it seriously.

The article, "Will you be picking up a Wii U? Here's five reasons not to" makes several points; five of them, in fact. A couple of them are even valid points, and most of them make sense.

1) It'll be outdated within a year 2) Vita masquerading as the GamePad 3) The threat to all consoles - mobile gaming 4) DS + Wii = fail? 5) It's dramatically overpriced

What does it all mean? Is a combination of two of the best-selling game delivery devices of the past decade a bad thing? Is overpowered the same thing as outdated? Is mobile gaming coming to kill us all?

I have no idea. For those answers you'll have to stare into The Sun.

Will you be picking up a Wii U? Here's five reasons not to [The Sun via CVG]



    It's dramatically overpriced. Oh lawdy, dat Sun be chewin' on de happy grass agin'

      The console specs are really lousy for the price. Obviously the pad has increased the price a lot, and thats problematic.

        We don't even know the specs, we only have generic identities, like "IBM Multi-Core processor" and "AMD Radeon-Based HD GPU". If you're trying to argue that the 2GB Ram is a significant factor in the Price of consoles, It's not. Ram is negligible compared to the CPU and GPU.

        Until Someone tears one of these apart and we find out exactly what the CPU and GPU are, we can't label it as "lously specs for the price".

          Same price as a Vita in Australia for the basic back. And that's before buying a memory card for the Vita. 2 & 5 are incompatible. Also, game pad is arguably integration of mobile gaming popularity into console gaming, so 3 is also possibly invalid. As for being outdated? Wii still sells after 6 years. Still.

          We don't officially know because Nintendo has been really cagey on the subject. Unofficially, developers have had testing units for over a year, and the consistent rumor is a tricore processor thats slightly improved on the 360. If it was substantially better, I'm sure Nintendo would out and say it by this point. Certainly, nothing to ride home about.

            your basing it on unsubstanciated rumours as usual. What is known is there is a new GPU (better then anything on any current console) and more RAM so by those 2 accounts its already better (not even counting the new gamepad). Put it this way all it needs to do is be able to output at 1080p and be able to use the tablet screen for new and interesting ways to interact with the game. Of course it wont be 20x the power of existing consoles, it doesnt need to be (look at what being super powerful at launch did for the 360 and ps3 - 10 year lifecycles to recoup losses), 1080p is the standard for several years to come (sure there is 4k screens on the way but they wont be the standard for a while yet) and it is said the Wii U is capable, so thats all that is needed, and with the tablet screen adding a new interface, which as todays consumer are already (mostly) tablet savy should add extra value to the console and to games (if the potential is reached). Finally third party devs are important part of the picture and if the support is strong (it is a damn sight better then what the Wii ever got) then there will be more games that give people more reason to buy a console. IF they can incoorporate innovative ways to use the tablet screen and normal controls the Wii U can be the hit the Wii was.

            Again power dont mean $#!t (in terms of selling a console). Its a FACT, look in history of consoles and tell me where the most powerful console won the generation. You cant, so stop this nonsense where the most powerful console wins, because the REALITY is that it does not win.

              Super Nintendo was the more powerful console and "won". Casuals got burnt in the long run with the wii and hardcore gamers are scoffing at it at the moment. Be interesting to see how it goes.

              Super Nintendo was the more powerful console and "won". Casuals got burnt in the long run with the wii and hardcore gamers are scoffing at it at the moment. Be interesting to see how it goes.

              Calm down. I didn't say it wouldn't win this generation. I said it was expensive for (rumoured) specs. Sorry that I'm working off speculation, but what choice do I have given Nintendo won't tell us anything 70 days from release? As I said, if its good news, why keep it quiet?

              Also - the power of consoles has been very limiting this gen. Look what happened to Crysis when it went multiplatform for the sequel. How long do you think the wii will be included in the multiplatform releases in a year or two if its significantly weaker than the other consoles.

                Why focus on the specs when the Gamepad is the star attraction? Sure it would be nice to talk numbers but all that matters is turning out compelling software that utilizes the hardware (especially the touch screen) then all those numbers wont matter. That and as many software developers as possible (Not just Nintendo only like with the Wii) It needs third parties for more ideas and more ways to best use the new gamepad.

                I know success for the console is never guaranteed but you must admit the Wii U has a lot more going for it then the Wii did (no same gen competition, new tablet gamepad, Wii brand, better third party support). That should give be enough to give the Wii U a strong start.

                When the next consoles from sony and microsoft release there is no guarantee those will be smash hit success' that quickly over take the Wii U. History comes to the same conclusion. Sony and Microsoft have already played the Move/Kinect card already, and while they will still be popular (in updated guises) the wow factor is gone, so no Wii like amazing sales. Copying the tablet controller may be an option but that to wont mean market dominance (copying the Wiimote with Move didnt give sony Wii like sales). They may just have to do something really special and risky just like the Wii did all those years ago and wow the public.

                Its not about the power, its all about the games.

            It's "nothing to write home about." You've been saying it wrong all your life.

            Dude, it's "nothing to write home
            About". Think about it.

    Sounds like they got Patcher to write an article...

    They recommend a Vita + PS3 combo, then slam the Wii U for being too expensive? Double standards there. Not to mention that the Wii U will still be released for just over half the price of the PS3 was on release while boasting comparable specs.

      Yes, but the PS3 was released almost six years ago, so that last sentence of yours is complete gibberish. Allow me to rephrase it: The Wii U will be released with comparable specs to the PS3, a system that is six years old, and currently costs considerably less than the Wii U.

        But doesn't it have a few extra features you haven't mentioned? Also, don't be a dick. People on the internet aren't as impressed as you think they are.

          EB Games is currently taking preorders for the Wii U at $348 for the basic pack. The PS3 is again, priced at $348, so I don't know where this whole 'considerably less' business comes from.

            To be fair, the PS3 has massive internal hard drive (which can also be updated with non-proprietry hdd) and can play blu rays. At present, it looks to offer more entertainment center functionality that the wii U. On the other hand, the wii U has a cooler pad.

            I thought the the PS3 + Vita suggestion was odd myself, but they may be weighing the fact the Vita is portable in its favour (more than I would).

              Of course they're weighing that in its favour. The Vita is an entire console in its own right (and, in my opinion, a very good one), with its Gamepad-like features being just a part of the whole. The Gamepad is just a controller with a screen, it's utterly useless without a Wii U. It looks to be fun, but comparing the price of a PS3+Vita to the price of a Wii U while ignoring everything else the Vita does is just dumb.

    Honestly? I'm not getting a WiiU, but I disagree with all these points.
    1) - PS4 and 720 would have been announced by now if they were coming out in a year
    2) - Look at that stick placement! It's ridiculous! Looks nothing like the Vita. Also, that thing is single touch!
    3) - Who cares if it isn't mobile! You can move around your living room and play it on the screen, that's where I mostly play my handhelds so it's about as mobile as I'd need it to be.
    4) -DS + Wii = most amount of money made on consoles... ever...?
    5) - It's the same price as what a PS3 and a 360 were a few years ago! It's uber cheap! Come on!

    My biggest complaint is the game library. Might grab one for Bayonetta 2 but I'm hoping that will be announced as multiplatform later, same with Rayman Legends. I got a 360 for Alan Wake last christmas then 2 weeks later it was announced for PC.

      Bayonetta 2 won't be on any other platforms as Nintendo is publishing the game

        That's what they said about Iron Brigade/Trenched. And Alan Wake.

          Alan Wake is a bit different though - Microsoft Hafez a vested interest in bringing it to PC.

            Microsoft didn't publish it.

              I forget the name, but the guys who published Stacking and Costume Quest were in charge of it.

            No they don't.

            MS might have a vested interest in the future when they start making games that are Win 8 only in the hope to lure people to their new OS. But if they had a vested interest in it being on PC they would have put it there in the first place.

            They make more money of consoles period.

          This has never ever happened with a Nintendo game. Never ever ever.

            First time for everything. If there's enough money in it, another publisher can buy the rights, like what Double Fine did with Iron Brigade.

              Yeah but that's just not how Nintendo roll. I have no doubt Nintendo draw up contracts with publishers/designers that tells them when they can have toilet breaks or scratch themselves.

                If another publisher wanted to buy the rights I am certain Nintendo wouldn't sell. It would be a huge mistake for them. I don't mind anyway. I already got my preorder in and it won't stop me from getting the next MS and Sony consoles when they come out either.

              Nintendo still have a good grip on the Fatal Frame/ Project Zero games. No signs of them handing it over :/

        No it isnt being published by Nintendo. Some of you lot have some very false info just so u can talk up ur fav console haha


    Oh look, someone isn't praising the Wii-U as the most innovative and amazing thing to happen to the world since electricity.... BURN THEM TO THE GROUND!!

    When did the law come through that you HAVE to praise Nintendo every time they do something "innovative"?

      You don't. I don't. These are just pathetic points, it almost feels like a kid having a temper tantrum.

        I agree the points are stupid as hell, but it seems that if you have any reasons that you don't want to buy the Wii-U then you get a linchmob mentality that would make Christian jealous

          Way to make a mountain out of a mole hill. No one is forcing you to buy a Wii U. Dont be a drama queen. Of course people are gonna rip apart those very poorly reasoned points. They suck and are completely biased (expensive then the ps3+vita combo is better - yet this combo is MORE expensive). If they were based on sound logic i wouldnt disagree but they're not, they are sensationalist and deserve the treatment they are recieving. You even agree the points are stupid so why the surprise those points are being torn down?

      Who are you aiming this at? The author didn't really attack the article and the commenters are just stating their opinion and nothing dramatic has been said. Settle down.

      hello mase, you should calm down big boy

        I'm calm, it's just getting annoying that unless you are praising the Wii-U as the second coming of gaming Jesus, then your opinion is shit and not needed. It doesn't occur to people that some faction of the gaming community isn't going to want the Wii-U based on being burned by the Wii after the overblown hype that was around that console; which btw, is happening once again with the Wii-U.

          So yes, as Onion said...calm down

    The internet would be much better if the Sun didn't exist and feed trolls ludicrous articles.

    That said, this will probably increase Wii U sales.

      But then what would the lazy Kotaku "journalists" repost everyday?

        Oh God. One of these people. Please go away, and read another website if you hate this one so much.

          I actually like this site, except for the horrible repostings and pointless crap that are posted by some of the people on this site (Names like Luke & Brian come to mind). This repost is just as bad, which is weird because Mike usually doesn't bother "feeding the trolls"

    Dramatically overpriced? I was pleasantly surprised by the price to be honest.

    When has a nintendo console ever had 'state of the art' hardware? The SNES, 64, Cube and Wii were all well behind the competition in specs. Gameplay has always been more important to gamers than graphics.As long as they tick that box (again), they're set.

      Cube and Wii were also behind in games, too. Here's hoping the WiiU bucks that trend.

        Loving how wrong you are about most of those consoles being behind its competition at the time

          The cube was competing with the PS2. It had some good exclusives, but it was a pretty lackluster library compared to what the PS2 offered at the time.

          Sorry - I missed your point. Yeah, most of those consoles were the most powerful of their gen.

      No, the SNES and the '64 were much more powerful than the competition. GameCube was behind the Xbacks, but was more powerful than the PS2, which was the best seller that gen. Nintendo only made the Wii because they saw they weren't winning when they relied on power alone.

      N64 was a more powerful system than ps1 or Saturn. It was just hurt by the lack of cd drive. Also the GameCube actually fell between the ps2 and Xbox in terms of performance so it really wasn't underpowered. The wii was the only Nintendo console to have that problem. The Wii U probably will also after the other consoles come out, but as long as I get to play the next 3D Mario and Zelda games I am happy. Would also love a new F-Zero and maybe some truly new IP from the big N!

    I'm sorry, but mobile gaming will never win out over consoles. Would you rather play a game like Borderlands for example, on a nice big 50"+ HD screen, or a tiny little screen with useless controls? This goes for the majority of games. Handhelds are fantastic for puzzle games and tower games, but not much else.

    I won't be buying a Wii U at launch, but the more I hear, the more interesting it sounds. I think it will be a great console.

      That's not up to you to decide. In fact I could say the same thing about PC gaming. It's the perfect arena to play games and yet casual, console and mobile gaming appears more popular in the main stream world. If consumers decide that mobile gaming is more worthwhile (and lets face it, the big companies will sell to those with the money) then that's where gaming will go.

    Gamesradar thinks it's overpriced too. I didn't realise just how truely effed the world economy is. Holy crap it's $400 aud. Not exactly a ball busting outlay for brand new tech. Poor bastards, pun intended!

    The Wii U fits a similar price model to past Nintendo consoles and whilst I don't like the Australian price hike over other countries, chances are the new PlayStation and Xbox will be in the 700-1000 range but you're paying that extra cost for a more powerful hardware.


    I won't be getting one.. the thing I loved about the Wii was the remote and nunchuck controls.. wonderful experience.. yes.. now we have Kinect and Playstation Move.. but at the time, the Wii was the thing that allowed me to get physically involved in the games... the new WiiU does support Remotes of course.. but the emphasis is on the tablet-controller.. and developers of games are going to be focusing on that side of things for the most part... that's why I won't be getting one.. it's just another console with a sit-down controller.. albeit with a tablet screen built in..

    which page haz de bewbz?

    I don't care about the Wii U, not because I don't like it, but because I don't need it and in one year's time it will be completely out of date.

    Also, they've got no hope in hell of getting a cent off me until they tell me the exact specs of the GPU and CPU.

    Don't buy the sun!

    If it has games you want then buy it. If it doesn't, then don't. No one else's opinion really matters in the decision process here.

      Oh no! Here we go. Somebody is being sensible on the internet again... Nurse!

    Anyone who genuinely thinks that mobile gaming is a genuine threat to console gaming is talking out of their rear end.

      Will agree with this, it is akin to making a statement like "motorcycles are a threat to the common sedan/station wagon. While it might be true that more people are buying motorbikes/playing mobile games, you can't fit battlefield 3/family of 4, on a iPhone/motorbike. you make a choice between the 2 because they provide you with something that is convenient to you at the time of purchase. If I commuted an hour to work every day I might consider buying a 3DS or Vita, but I don't, so I have a PS3/PC. I use a care as I don't have any use for a motorbike because I am more for holing myself inside with aforementioned PC. That and I can't fit my PC on the back of a bike, it would look stupid.

      Buy what you want because you have the spare money/time/desire to own it, be damned what everyone else thinks.

      **also, I have seen a lot of rage about "pointless articles" and "reposts from other places", while I personally don't care (as I only frequent Kotaku and GON) might it be an idea to have a sub-heading along the lines of "For Your Consideration" that has things like the funny images/cool videos or only somewhat relevant information to gaming but still would interest gamers that a lot of people usually rage at?

      I don't think it will kill console gaming all together, but it will be like PC gaming in the 90's. The larger market seems to move towards convenience rather than quality.

      What's next? Short YouTube clips are a threat to big blockbuster movies?

    So I just had a look at the actual Sun article and it is even worse than what I thought it would be. He is basing his concern about price on having to buy extra gamepads and extra nunchuks. He also seems to think that the Xbox720 was at this years E3.

    Haha! "it will be outdated". Of course it will, its bloody technology.
    Too expensive? Cheap by modern console standards.

    Reason for this article. Sky sports and Sky Plus are on the Xbox 360 in the UK. Owned by the same parent company as the Sun.


    I did some googling and it seems in the UK the Wii released at £179 whilst the Wii U is coming in at £250 where as here its gone down in price (400 --> 350).
    This may be the reason for the different opinions on price.
    ...Or my 2 min Google was way off and I am talking out of my ass...

      That and unemployment is quite high in Britain atm moment, and wages have stagnated.

    I honestly take issue with nintendo saying this is the only console in its own generation when its going to be ported games and cartoony games in its line up. Of course you're going to get compared to 360 and PS3 Reggie.

    5 reasons not to buy The Sun:

    1) It’ll be outdated within a day
    2) Rumour masquerading as the News
    3) The threat to all intelligence – baseless rumours
    4) Sensationalism + Falsehood = The Sun?
    5) It’s dramatically overpriced

      sorry thats incorrect. None of your 5 points are wrong (LOL).

    well im getting a wii-u
    mainly because i know that i will buy one eventually (i already have every other system, including ios devices)
    plus i will pay almost any over the top price to play a new zelda game and i know its coming at some point so why not get in now

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