Flare Is A Free, Open-Source RPG For The PC

Fans of old isometric PC role-playing games, this is for you. Flare is a free, open-source RPG project that's currently in alpha, but is already generally playable and, given the nature of the game and its price, pretty good!

Because it's open-source, it'll be a cinch for anyone who wants to modify or improve basically the entire thing. There's a beta coming next year, but you can try it out now at the link below.

Flare [Official Site, via PC Gamer]

Flare v0.16 Gameplay [gameboomhd]


    Looks heaps fun, Downloading Now

    Those are some of the funniest portraits I've seen in a while. Not in a bad way, mind.

    Also the music is pretty relaxing.

    I've donated to this a few months back.
    Great game, but still early in development in terms of a main campaign.

    Looking over the screenshots and features, I'm rather impressed. Why can't anyone make a rogue-like this pretty?

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