For $300, You Get Amazing Evangelion Poses

Japanese toy maker Medicom is releasing a new Neon Genesis Evangelion figure. It's Unit 02 from Rebuild of Evangelion, and boy oh boy can it ever strike cool poses.

As website Tomopop points out, the Unit 02 is about 30.4cm tall and comes with blades, two rifles, umbilical cable, a core to target, and a stand.

Priced at ¥23,620 (US$304), the figure will be out in May 2013 in Japan.

Medicom's new RAH Unit 02 ready to deploy ... in May 2013 [Tomopop]


    the hell? when did unit 2 have that orange thing on its head? is it from rebuild 2.0?

      Indeed it is, and if you have seen it yet you MUST see 2:22, its freaking absolutely amazing. Im still in tears waiting for 3.0.

    Dat pose!

    The two things Japanese like most are posing and figures and eva. I have a feeling this will sell really well.

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