Forget Call Of Duty, This Is What Real War Looks Like

A generation of military first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield may have millions of kids thinking they know modern warfare, but they don't. As these videos are about to show.

YouTube channel FUNKER530 exists as a repository for veterans to post videos they've captured of live, raw combat footage, and some of the stuff that's been uploaded there in recent weeks is insane.

In addition to things like live firefights captured on helmet-mounted cameras, which we've seen before, there are videos showing things like bombing runs, minigun attacks, artillery bombardments and even footage of what an AC-130 gunship - you know, the Modern Warfare one - strike looks like from the ground.

What I found most interesting, once my admiration for the guts on display in many of these wears off, is the attitude of the soldiers. Most of them are kids, and in a perverse reunion with the tone of games like Call of Duty, their casually excited reactions to things like airstrikes aren't much different to what you'd hear over a headset on Xbox Live.

In the first video above, a US soldier attempts to assault a Taliban position in Afghanistan while his squad is under heavy fire. He ends up being hit four times, including once on the helmet (though no rounds penetrated his body armour). You can see other videos in the gallery above.

There are a lot more of these eye-opening videos, all of them trying to document what live combat is actually like, over on FUNKER530.

Raw Combat Footage Documentation [YouTube]

Two 4000-pound bombs are dropped on Taliban compounds.

A US Special Forces unit armed with heavy weapons engages the Taliban, eventually calling in an air strike.

A Taliban sniper hiding in a minaret tower is attacked by M-1 tanks.

Soldiers capture an AC-130 gunship air strike, assisting US troops in action against the Taliban.

Marine snipers attack Taliban forces in the village below.

US infantry in a frantic firefight against the Taliban in a village.

US M777 howitzers obliterate a mountainside target, which had previously been firing on American troops.

Slow-motion footage of an A-10's famous rotary cannon firing on Taliban positions.


    I would have thought something like this would have "forget Battlefield" in the title instead of COD.....but what ever...... lol

    Didn't think they would be allowed to upload videos

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Games are one thing; they are not real situations, they aren't supposed to simulate them ether they just use a warfare metaphor.
    It's really quite awful to show videos of people being harmed or killed. I will say though that the man in the first vid reminds me of Will Farrel, pretty buffoonish running around on a ridgetop, scrambling around in the open. Perhaps he's been playing too many video games?

      Agree... TOTALY! This is what happens to video gamers that join the army with no clue! A flat rock doesn't provide sufficient cover from gun fire! But disagree the ArmA series is a brilliant simulation and it should be simulated because some people like myself enjoy simulations

        haha yeah i forgot your in the army with the same training. imagine being open getting shot at.

      I thought the same thing, then I read the description. He did it to draw fire to save his buddies.

        Anyone can write that shit, the military don't work like that "Hey just run around to draw fire, good to see over 100 years of modern military science has paid off!"

      Yeah because conveniently placed bullet proof crates and boulders are placed around battlezones for the soldiers convenience at all times.

      Video games, everyone probably plays too many of them. I don't think soldiers often get the two mixed up though. For one, permadeath isn't just a game gimmick.

      Are you serious? You're commenting on why he did what he did without bothering to find out why. He did what he did to draw fire and provide suppressing fire due to his squad being pressed under fire and not knowing where it was coming from. They also had wounded. He got shot 4 times but they were minor wounds and he'll be fit for service.

      Please present your qualifications on tactical formations and experience in real warfare, then maybe your word would be taken with an ounce of weight.

    Mr. Plunkett, nobody thinks COD or Battlefield is anything like real war. I think you may underestimate the intelligence of the 'gamer' - including kids.

      ^Upon watching these videos, I really think Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott need to have a look at these. What a waste of time sending our soldiers into a shithole place like that.

    I felt kind of sick when the guy got shot.

      In the first vid? He was ok, he was hit but hit in body armor. His grenade launcher also got hit, you see it when he loses his gun. Read the description for more info.

    If you guys want more war videos, that depict things the way they are, just go to, its got stuff that Youtube cant upload - WARNING - Some stuff is fucked up major.

    I'm sorry but that top video- of COURSE he got shot. Geez. Where do they teach these guys fire and movement?

      I don't pretend to be a tactician, but read articles about it. His whole squad was under fire and he was trying to draw the enemy fire. I'm not saying the move wasn't stupid (he very much seems to be out in the open with nothing but a small rck for cover), but ... well yeah. He was trying to draw the fire of the enemy, not move and fire which is what they'd do if they weren't all pinned down. (As I said I'm not a tactician so I have no idea)

      Anyway, the real scary thing about this is that you can't see him get hit. It's not like in the movies. He got his twice in the chest (I think) and his helmet and gun were also hit but you just don't see it. That's terrifying.

        Ok fair call on knowing the context. If he was drawing fire then I get it.

    It's funny because Plunkett thinks sitting behind a desk and browsing Reddit all day means he knows what war is like.

    Anyone who plays a military shooter and thinks that is what real war is like - is either 12 or stupid, or both.
    It 's a game, fantasy. What's the deal with so many 10 yr old foul mouths playing COD anyway?
    it's like 90% of people you play online haven't even hit puberty yet.

    Wow, reloading takes ages!

      The guy didn't have Sleight of Hand.
      Jokes aside, this is the real deal!

    Wow... Some of these comments are a bit disrespectful. Who here has any right to judge what's stupid and what's not in a combat situation unless they've been in one themselves. Anyway, been following Funker for a while and he's done a good job at allowing people to see what war can really be like, especially the interviews with veterans who have PTSD. Pretty eye-opening to see both sides of soldiers.

    Lets not forget, that people die in wars. Maybe our leaders could take a lesson from video games. Keep violence and war in the make believe world, don't use it to solve our real life problems.

    I don't think anyone can really judge a man for running down a hill firing wildly wearing a personal head cam trying to get some great video and then repeatedly yelling to his comrades he's been hit instead of checking his wounds and doing some self aid if he's bleeding. It goes to show how unrealistic BF and COD are, because their animations don't throw the M4 on the ground and dig through a pack while reloading. I like the afghan wedding videos the best anyway.

    ArmA 2/OA is the only game sim that allows for those moments.

    Show some respect guys. These men put their lives on the line so that we and others may remain safely in our beds at night. Of course a AAA war video game is going to be nothing like reality

      This is exactly what I was thinking. It's no laughing matter what these people go through, definitely not something that's fucking comparable. The nerve, honestly.

      Whilst I respect the soldiers performing peacekeeping duties which protect the lives of countless defenseless citizens in other countries, I cannot support our involvement in a war that is not our problem. Let's leave the Taliban, which the USA armed and supported originally, be dealt with by the Americans. Australia is not at war, and does not have any direct enemies. We need to stop involving ourselves in pointless military conflicts and focus on solving the problems we still have at home; poverty, homelessness. social/economic inequality. War is a waste of young persons lives and our tax dollar.

    Cont it wouldn't sell as much as a fast paced Michael Bay roller coaster ride to the mainstream.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Why is my comment deleted ? Plunkett you are an unrespected tool.

    Ok, been there and done that and I'll say "drawing fire" isn't good tactics. If he goes down, 2-4 more Joes are gonna go have to police his body up and call in CASEVAC just endangering that many more people. Respect the bravery but question the logic and leadership. Hopefully he learned a lesson. And... yeah if you're hit: apply bandage, move to cover. He was walking wounded at worst!

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