From Chun-Li To Assassin's Creed, The Fancy Outfits We Unfortunately Missed

If you are planning to visit the Tokyo Game Show next year, be aware that different folks often cosplay on each public day. Meaning? Meaning you should go to both days!

Kotaku previously showed the guys and gals who donned colourful costumes on the first day. However, since we were running on fumes by Sunday, we all headed home and sadly missed some of the amazing outfits that graced the second public day. Bummer.

Fret not! Japanese site Asagawo Blog braved the crummy weather and the insane crowds to snap pics on the second day. Here's a look at some of the outfits we unfortunately missed, including a brilliant console heads group shot and Yaya Han's take on Chun-Li. It's mostly gals (sorry people who want to see more dudes), but nice work all around!

その1, その2, その3, その4, その5, その6 [アサガヲBlog]


    am I the only one who doesnt find that girl cosplaying as Chun-Li attractive? I see her almost everywhere in these cosplay stuff she seems to generate popularity considering she is in almost all these cosplay pages.
    Is it the boobs? Are people enjoying her because of her boobs?

      Cosplay is about accuracy of the portrayal, and from what I've seen of her she does pretty high quality things most of the time, which means other cosplayers are looking at some of their hobbies top tier work. That'll always be popular in any group. I think the thing that works against her in the smile - it's so awkward. She's otherwise attractive, but I can see where you're coming from.

      Also, yes, boobs. Boobs are always a factor. Man or otherwise.

      The quality of her outfit is quite good, in terms of detail and craftmanship. And boobs generally help with sales...

      My feeling toward cosplay usually though is somewhere between "Epic Bewbs FTW" and "KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!"

    Nobody's going to comment on the Mushroom Kingdom cosplay? That's some weird crap.

    I never liked Chun-Li.. until now?

    The endowed chun li , is yaya han I think she is a very famous cosplayer

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